Beginning a Photo Blog With Memoir Mondays!

I am taking up a new challenge suggested by my buddy Stacie (girlgriot). I loved her photo blog and wanted to explore more. Nancy C. has also been pushing me to Word Press, so the stars are in the right alignment.

Here’s goes…

I don’t remember this moment with my mom and our life in front of my dad’s freshly painted truck, ushering in Kaplan’s Electric Service. Just behind us, our new house, still our family homestead 60 years later.

I am still startled by this woman, proud to say, she’s my mom as she beams at me. Both of us fresh, ready for our connection.

My mom and her first of three, me.

I had thousands of photos to begin with and my hand moved me right here to a place I  relish even if I have no literal memory of it in my banks

This photo has traveled with me from dorm rooms at Hofstra,  at SUNY Albany, to apartments in Ellenville, Piermont and Nyack.

I’m glad that this frozen moment lives beyond the paper and the ink, already wearing thin.

It’s living here now as I write in and out about it.

There is more to say.

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11 thoughts on “Beginning a Photo Blog With Memoir Mondays!

  1. Fabulous idea to include these wonderful photos, Bonnie! I was too lazy to get up from my writing on the computer to scan them in. Again, you are an inspiration to me. I’ve got a notion to actually make one of those “Blurb”-type books with the results of Memoir Monday. You’ve already got a good start on that idea. I can just see this story in book form.
    BTW, this blog loads WAY FASTER than the edu-blog one so I’m really glad to get to you as quickly as I can click.

  2. Welcome Jane, you are my first comment here. I am so excited about this new space to work on and what a wonderful first guest.
    Can’t wait to visit you this week,

  3. Grace Raffaele

    Bonnie, I am excited about your blog with Memoire Mondays Images! It is engaging in so many ways – the image itself, the spark to one’s own memory, the glimpse into someone else’s life and the writing that expands upon that life and creates a road for those thoughts we might not otherwise tread upon. I think it is very exciting to think about writing from an image in one’s lfe that you do not recall specifically but can have some personal thoughts and connections to.

    I seem to be immersing myself in one of my favorite topics – Visual Literacy – lately and this adds more food for thought. Thanks so much – and I will continue to visit. Keep up the beautiful work!

  4. thanks Grace,
    I’m with you. I LOVE trying to understand what happens to the word when it’s connected to a text. I’m working on some new DS pieces with that in mind and hoping that this blog will help me in this area.
    I want to keep up with your new baby as well.

  5. WHat a priceless picture. It is true when they say a picture is worth a thousand words. How beautiful. I particularly love your words: …This frozen moment lives beyond the paper and the ink…” That was just exquisite.

  6. I love using pictures and words on my site too. I will check back here often! My dad is a photographer. I have an external hard drive with thousands of pictures on it. My friends think I am crazy since I have every one in numerous categories.

  7. I love this new blog.
    The photo is fantastic, as is your writing.

    This line: I’m glad that this frozen moment lives beyond the paper and the ink, already wearing thin.


    It’s funny — your new blog almost gives you a new persona, and I hope it highlights you as a photographer.


  8. Thanks everyone, I’m excited about our image/word connection. That’s what I’d like to know more about the transformation of the written word when it gets mixed up with the image.

  9. Rissable

    I absolutely adore the way you describe the beginning of the mother daughter relationship as fresh and ready for your connection…..brilliantly inspiring…

  10. Thanks so much RIssable.

  11. lynnjake

    The look in your mom’s eyes is so endearing. I think my mom had a skirt like that. Must have been the time! I love this new blog, Bonnie. I’ll keep checking in with it!

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