Celebrating 60 Years Together

My parents share a bench outside the Princeton chapel after their niece’s college graduation.

They are fragile and this weekend away from the confines of their home was an escape for both, but especially my mom, who lives with a limited amount of energy and difficulty with walking.

I pushed them to work with me as I played with my new camera and created a series with them here on this bench. They supported me as they always try to do. This moment came in the middle of the series and it could be one that lives with me.

Their love for each other, what better gift to their children and grandchildren.

We have learned a lot in their 60 years about partnership and we I think their three children have followed their lead.

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6 thoughts on “Celebrating 60 Years Together

  1. lynnjake

    This picture of your parents is priceless. I love that the photo shoot was a collaboration. It makes the whole thing fuller, and will leave deeper roots in your memory, I am sure. Nice.

  2. This is one great thing you can do easily with an SLR camera. They are so fast that you can keep clicking. I’ve also been able to keep talking while I shoot and get people to relax with me. It was cool working with my parents. Nice of you to observe that.

  3. dkzody

    Nice photo. Congratulations to your parents. What a wonderful testimony to their love.

  4. I love this photo of your parents. It really struck me when I saw it on your other blog, and it’s great to see it highlighted here. And how beautiful that they’ve shared such a long relationship.

  5. What was great about seeing this photo was that it came in the midst of a conversation. What I’ve been enjoying about photography is the relationship you can build with the subject just with some conversation as you click away. I am surprised when I watch people with digital cameras be so stingy about just taking one or two photos and when its free to click away.
    I cant’ wait to get home and see what I got.

  6. Thanks Lynn and dkzody for noticing the power of my parents. It’s a pleasure to be with them. Since they spend lots of time together they can bicker more but my dad has been a great role model for my brothers as to how to treat the woman you marry. For me, my mom has been a very powerful force, respecting who I am.

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