Meet My Brother Jeff

Bonnie, Jeff, my mom. We look great! Old fashioned. I don’t remember us then. Not before or after the camera created this moment frozen forever.

What I remember is how my brother and I fought with each other and my mom tried to get us to behave. Jeff was a rascal and my mom was patient with him, believed in him.

I remember Jeff to be a nuisance most of the time. I didn’t hate him. We didn’t fight to really destroy each other, but we watched cartoons a lot then and we fought like they did, throwing each other around the living room.

My brother has faded scars on his forehead from a swing I threw at him. I didn’t want to hurt him but that’s how we played, modeling the play in those “harmless” black and white cartoons.

Harmless cartoons, and today there’s video violence right out in the open.

I wonder what we would have done with video games. I wonder, would our parents have allowed us into that world when we were young?

More of this to come…

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4 thoughts on “Meet My Brother Jeff

  1. Lovely photo!

  2. This is a great photo.

    I’m interested in your point about cartoon (and curious to know which ones you watched!). My sister and I are always talking about the crazy violent, mind-bending stuff that we watched on TV as kids and how parents today (you know, the people who were kids at the same time we were) tend to freak out at some of the harmless-seeming stuff that’s on TV now. Maybe we’d feel differently if we’d played as … um … vigorously? … as you and your brother did. But then I think about the fact that DVDs of the early years of Sesame Street come with parental content warnings, and I go back to thinking we’ve become much too nervous.

  3. Hey Stacie,
    I remember early morning cartoons on Saturdays. Jeff and I were kids in the late 50’s so some of those cartoons were without talking, just music but I remember lots of chasing and figures morphing but there was always efforts to destroy: the cat chased the more clever mouse, Wiley Coyote etc. I remember watching and grabbing. We came before Sesame Street and our parents were really peaceful and non violent people. I can tell you that I wanted to play cowboys with toy guns. I loved The Lone Ranger, Roy Rodgers,etc. What stopped the physical fighting was the day my brothers started weight lifting and growing too talll and maybe some maturity on our parts.
    I am very close with Jeff now and we don’t fight.
    Thanks for considering this. It has me wondering…

  4. Bonnie
    I did some scans of old photos from my childhood some time back. It’s great to see them come back to life after all this time, and yes the memories are wonderful.
    BTW what’s the WP theme you’re using here. Very nice presentation of images I must say.


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