Banana Beach: Tel Aviv, Israel

I don’t usually remember to check ahead for Stacey’s prompt,but I found it tonight.

At first I couldn’t really connect to any particular eatery in my past, but as I moved through my photo collection, I found a place from my recent past, one that makes me ache for a chair under an umbrella with a plate of humus and a basket of pita, facing the Mediterranean Sea.

Banana Beach, just one of many spot on the beach but it’s OUR SPOT.

We walk there along the edge of the sea, we walk back to our hotel, full and satisfied and imagining our return at the end of the day, to watch the sun set with a glass of wine.

What a way to spend a week, even with prices escalating for our next visit in October.

Somehow, we never get tired there; we never hunger for change. In fact, it’s the familiar that makes us feel at home. The waiters/waitresses are always friendly. The other beach lovers read, watch young children, meet friends, taste Israel for the first time and we are all there to mesh our lives with the sounds of the sea and the power of the waves.

It’s unique, this time spent looking out at the sea. For Tuvia it’s where his past meets his present. For me, it’s where I find my own path and at the same time share his.

And of course, it’s about the humus and pita, and the sounds of Hebrew all around us and the music playing out of the loudspeakers, often very contemporary and then beachy.

During the week, in the morning when the crowds have yet to invade the quiet, it’s our pleasure.

I have written about this experience often and I still continue to crack open my passion for place.

Thanks Stacey, I may be on a diet now without humus but the taste is imprinted in my tastebuds.



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10 thoughts on “Banana Beach: Tel Aviv, Israel

  1. You really capture the taste buds of a place, Bonnie.

    (note: your image is huge in my browser — beyond the screen — you may want to resize them before uploading them? Not sure)


  2. If you click around at the other photos here, is this one bigger than the others? The design of this presentation is a “big” view.

  3. i say, screw the diet and eat your hummus. 🙂

  4. Not yet. Down the line there’s always another plate with my name on it.

  5. So beautiful, Bonnie!
    In fact, we are on our way out the door for two weeks to just such a place.

  6. Lovely photo + lovely words. You captured the essence of the place & you make me want to go somewhere that is far away and yet familiar. Your style of writing is one that will linger with me for awhile. Thanks for sharing!
    Ruth (TWT)

  7. Thanks Jane and Ruth for your connections. Where are you going Jane?

  8. This is great, Bonnie, and I love that the layout created a nice ‘olive-y’ background for your photo!

    I’m thinking of joining your Photo Friday over at Flickr … much easier to imagine a one-day challenge right now than an every single day one! Thanks for inviting me!

  9. My pleasure Stacie. Thanks for turning me on to this blog.

  10. elpollo

    eat the humus, great pic!

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