Happy Father’s Day, Herb

Herb at 87, smiling and looking for work. He’s not good at retiring. He’s tried, but sitting around the house is not for him.

He doesn’t play golf even though he owns a bag and an array of clubs,gifts from earlier Father’s Days. My brothers hoped that he would join them on one of the many courses just minutes from the house, but no. He politely let his equipment live in the basement covered in cobwebs, until Jeff took pity and removed them.

He religiously begins each day reading a variety of local newspapers but isn’t much interested in reading anything else.

Once he had lots of friends to meet for a coffee and a donut, but sadly, most of them are gone to Florida and beyond.

Of course, he has my mom and they are a great couple but tv just doesn’t do it for him. He plays a bit of solitaire on his computer.

My dad’s very accepting and is resolved to live, bored to death.

I can’t help but think about myself at 87. I don’t think I’d ever be bored to death.

If I were, I’d complain a lot louder than my dad.

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5 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day, Herb

  1. I think I already complain louder than him!

  2. Wow. You described my husband’s grandpa to a tee. I thought he was unique, but he is not. LOL.

  3. Getting older is difficult, and as friends leave (or depart), it must be even more difficult. It seems to me that our society should do more to include our seniors into the fabric of our lives. They are resources that we don’t turn to enough.


  4. Totally agree. Interesting that my father is 87 and my partner is 85. So for me, what’s a senior? I think health is more critical than age and a positive mental outlook is essential.

  5. I feel so sad for your dad. I hope he can find a special niche for himself.
    Maybe Honorary Grandpa to neighbor children? My own children have adopted a few older people
    at church and bestowed on them that degree and it is a sweet relationship.

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