Beginning to Reflect on SI08: Memoir Mondays

This is the last official photo of our 8th Summer Institute for the Hudson Valley Writing Project: two facilitators, four Returning Fellows, and 11 new Teacher Consultants.

My 8th Summer Institute as a facilitator with a previous si as a participant under very different leadership.

So, eight summers of K-college teachers who came from all disciplines and represent the diversity of our very large service area. We have moved from an overwhelming group of white women teachers to one that mirrors the diversity of our students: teachers of color, some men, etc.

Eight full Julys from Monday- Thursday, a few Saturdays before for our orientation, a day in the fall, a day in the spring for renewal and I have been lucky to have worked with every teacher in our growing network of the Hudson Valley Writing Project.

And as we finished this July the very next day, we were beginning the reflection process. We sat with our returning fellows and together with Dunken Donuts, bagels and coffee we read the groups’ reflections together beginning to envision SI09

There is so much to say that I am stuck, to know where to move from here.

I am grateful to be given powerful opportunities to continue as a lifelong learner….

So much to say brings me to a moment of silence.

Let me return to the photo above, to that group of 19 teachers, sharing their July to write together, eat together, to construct Teacher Inquiry Workshops for our Saturday Seminars and conferences, to read in book groups focused on school issues, to publish anthologies, to plunge into the web 2.0 working on a blog, to create a new community and wonder as this SI ends where we go from here…who will continue with us???

WRITE ON with the Hudson Valley Writing Project!

I know there’s a lot more to write about…more to come… I have a digital piece to create for them when we meet again in October. I will share it on my blog.


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2 thoughts on “Beginning to Reflect on SI08: Memoir Mondays

  1. This sounds like such a wonderful opportunity. I did my graduate work in a program that fostered collaboration and community and I so miss that time.

  2. Awesome photo, and writing, Bonnie!

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