Home Sweet Home

Memoir Mondays Coming to you from Two Writing Teachers

Here’s my first home, 13 Catherine St, the end of the block.

My parents still live here; as a couple they have never lived anywhere else and never will.

I left at the end of college and except for a few transitional returns I moved away, but surprise, surprise, not too far away.

When I got my first teaching job in my hometown, I got my first apartment, just a few blocks away from my homestead. Just a few blocks could have been in another town, or even another city. My parents kept their distance and never surprised me with spontaneous visits. Pretty amazing and wonderful!

Of course our house didn’t look like this when I called it home. It’s the same house sure, but the huge oak big tree shielding me away from the world was chopped down and replaced with something more tailored,  a dwarf. In fact, as I look at the photo, I realize that the new look gives our house a really neat and orderly image.

That’s not the way I remember it.  Our lawn used to be filled with weeds, mowed when my dad had the energy at the end of an exhausting week.  the house was white stucco and the landscaping was hodgepodge, without the input of a landscaping computer. Our flowerbeds were filled with irises, my mom’s favorite. I wonder what happened to them?

The toned siding and coordinated shutters are nice but the white stucco was as rougher look. Maybe as a kid I would have preferred this new look(our next door neighbor, Jerry, would have) but as an adult, I’ve moved to appreciate the more natural feel.

I don’t call 13 Catherine St. my home anymore. Now the couple who began it all are on their own with my brother Jeff looking in often from his vantage point just one block over on Helen Street, where my best friend Steven lived.

It’s always feels good to reconnect with  my  deep roots, but here at the Hudson is where I feel a balance of body and mind. I look out the window and feel grateful, especially on a Monday morning with the sun shining in early September.


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8 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. As one who lived in four different homes between birth and high school graduation, this is a memory that I would love to share. Our daughters have know just two homes and we moved to the second when they were just 2 and 3 years old. We love to look at photos from those first years before everything grew tall or was blown down by a big storm. I wonder how long we will stay here.

  2. Juliann,
    Sounds like my partner. Because of the war he was many places in his life and actually enjoys the fact that I’ve had such a different life. It’s interesting to compare life experiences.

  3. What a beautiful home and memory.
    The house I am in now is only the 2nd house I have lived in and I have not been gone from my parents house long, everytime I go there something has changed not quite how I remember but it is still home.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a lovely memory thanks for sharing. I lived in the same house all my life and left when I was 23. My mom had passed away, my grandmother passed on, and I got married – life changed. In my married life we’ve moved a lot and the one thing I’ve wanted was to be someplace permanent. Thanks for sharing your story.

  5. Thanks for your wonderful responses Lennye and Ashley. Houses remind us of the homes we create.

  6. It’s beautiful Bonnie!

  7. Home Sweet Home Bonnie!

    There is something about the memory of home and happy times spent there. Homes, like musical instruments, sing when they are cared for. Like a violin or guitar, the heart of a home can go to sleep if neglected, but comes to life when caressed and embraced.

    Hug the memories Bonnie! Happy memories respond to attention like happy homes.

    Ka kite

  8. What wonderful responses. Ken your response makes me think hard about hugging the memories. I love that. Funny though as I wrote this piece my connection the house is from days when it didn’t look as taken care of as it looks now, but for sure, I have great family memories from my life in the house.
    Thanks for the thoughtful ideas.

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