Our Family Grows: Memoir Mondays September 22, 2008

Memoir Mondays brought to you by Two Writing Teachers

Meet Amanda Scott. She’s preparing her first family Shabat dinner for her husband, her parents and her aunt and partner. This is the same Amanda who joined me in her living room at 6am every morning I slept over. She was up and ready to play and even though I was not totally awake, I  was always ready to play with Manda and her brother Josh.

Her parents were more than happy to share her with me. She was not so happy-go-lucky when she arrived. That first summer was filled with tears from colick, but her mom and I gave her our full attention and every time she smiled, we applauded. I want to believe that we set the seeds for her passion for audience. And as her voice took her to larger stages, the applause got louder. What a voice! What a love of life!

And this weekend we watched that crying baby take charge of her kitchen, enjoy her family and officially move into the next life chapter with a husband who shares her love and talent for vocal music.

They are living in the Princeton area where they both attended Westminster Choir College, met and fell in love.  All good for me, I met and fell in love with Princeton as well.

I am flooded with family memories of the past and grateful to share this new episode in the present.

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3 thoughts on “Our Family Grows: Memoir Mondays September 22, 2008

  1. How lovely to have such a lasting connection. Great memory

  2. Such a wonderful story, Bonnie, rich memories and rich memories yet to be made.


  3. It was a powerful weekend; a hard one to find the words to equal it.

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