“L’shana Tovah Tikatevu”:Memoir Monday 9/29/08

Memoir Mondays coming to you from Two Writing Teachers

You know, it’s good to have two blogs at your disposal. When one breaks down, you have a spare. So here’s my spare this morning.

I wasn’t planing to include a photo but the one above marks the change in seasons right outside on my porch overlooking our forest. It’s fall and Rosh Hashanah , Yom Kippur and some minor Jewish holidays that follow quickly, mark the new season, the new year according to the Jewish calendar.

When I was teaching high school, It felt right to begin a new school year and then abruptly break for Rosh Hashonah (2 days) and Yom Kippur, the following week( a 24 -hour fast).

Everyone in the school community got the benefit. Many planned a short vacation, while we Kaplans, trooped off for a marathon visit to the synagogue. A time for prayer, for reflection, for family. Not much like the secular New Year’s Eve.

Honestly, I never looked forward to these holidays. As a teacher, I always traveled home with my first set of papers, knowing I would never open the bag. The thought of dressing up and sitting in   for hours, in the women’s section of our synagogue, was not exciting.

But 12 years ago, when I merged my life with Tuvia’s, we merged the holidays as well. We spent our synagogue time in Hoboken, where Tuvia’s sons live.

A breath of fresh air!  If I were single and younger I would be active here, but it’s enough to just enjoy the atmosphere in our limited way. Both of Tuvia’s sons have served as presidents, involved in the synagogue’s transformation and renovation and even though I don’t look forward to spending hours standing and sitting, in crowded pews, I know my time will be put to good use, reflecting on the year and enjoying the fresh air as we walk the streets in between services.

Rosh Hashanah is more the holiday for family and food while Yom Kippur is reserved for reflection on an empty stomach.

Two days after Yom Kippur we will be on a plane, flying off to Israel to spend time with Tuvia’s family and celebrate Sukkot, a great way to begin the new year, returning to a bit of summer and sandals on the beach.

I am home today getting ready…

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2 thoughts on ““L’shana Tovah Tikatevu”:Memoir Monday 9/29/08

  1. Kia ora Bonnie!

    Such beauty in loveliness – I admire the way you write, with exquisite feeling for the things you observe and consider as dear.

    I am not a Jew. Neither am I religious; my wife Linda and daughter Catriona (14), are. I am envious, nevertheless, of the passion and commitment I see in them.

    Catriona is in Fiji at this moment – on a church mission. For many years Linda was secretary of the Anglican parish in Island Bay where we live. I even taught in a Catholic school for almost a decade. My great grandmother was a Jew, and so was Linda’s grandmother. So I have never been further from religions than the thickness of a page from the Torah.

    “The secular New Year’s eve.” I’ve celebrated a few (rhetorical) of those, mostly sober, even in Scotland, I am relieved to say!

    Enjoy the holidays Bonnie!
    Count the sunny hours.
    Pick the daisies.
    Chase the butterflies.

    Ka kite
    from Middle-earth

  2. Thanks for your wonderful response to my words. I value your words so much. The holidays are powerful, more powerful, the older I get.

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