Feelin’ Groovy: Write on Wednesday 10/1/08

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Slow down, you move too fast

Got to make the mornin’ last

Just kickin’ down the cobblestones

Lookin’ for fun and feelin’ groovy

This week’s Prompt:

How about you? Do you find yourself moving too fast through life? What’s your favorite way to moodle and make the mornin’ last? How does slowing down affect your creativity?

I love starting with the Simon and Garfunkel tune running sweetly in my head and even though I always wanted to kick on down the cobblestones literally, I created amazing fantasies in my mind as I listened and hummed along with Paul and Art as a college student,  1967-71l

My buds and I shared sunny Sundays feein’ groovy that’s for sure. I remember a ride in Brenda’s powder blue Pontiac convertible to the Oak Beach Inn, where I met Bruce who danced with me to Lay Lady Lay  and  walked me to meet his car, a silver Porche classic; I was expecting a junker without a reverse gear.

One week later he choreographed  a feelin’ groovy Sunday to match the one we first shared: a picnic a the beach, a seafood dinner, a movie in the city, THE GRADUATE. Too bad he had to ruin the effort when, as we left the theater, he remarked, “Look at all the niggers who just can’t get their acts together! Oh well…it made for a great source of memoir.

But mostly, these feelin groovy moments were balanced with the papers back at the dorm waiting to be written and the guilt of procrastination lurking behind every cobblestone.

College, grad school, certification, a year of teaching reading, summers away,  30 years in a high school English/Drama classroom, 20 years directing on a high school stage….and 4 years ago the race stopped!

Time to feel groovy?

Yes! Time to Feel GROOVY!

Mondays are all mine!

I am not controlled anymore by the outside world, now it’s my inner super ego kicking in. “Too much time on the computer. What about exercise, guitar practice, reading, paying those bills, preparing for that PD workshop, practicing Hebrew…

But moving is a good thing, challenged to get up and move to the next challenge.

On my last Groovin’ Monday I finished a large and exciting digital piece that documents the work of our Hudson Valley Writing Projects Summer Institute. I took hours to create and craft an hour-long piece and then burn 22 DVD’s for the SI community ‘s retreat on Thursday.

Not exactly a day of groovin’ but I controlled the project and the time. although Tuvia protested quietly but ultimately understood.

I can’t say that it doesn’t feel weird at times to not have the external structure of school but for the most part, the option of feelin’ groovy on almost any sunny Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday…continues to be thrilling!


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10 thoughts on “Feelin’ Groovy: Write on Wednesday 10/1/08

  1. Wow, very inspiring. 🙂

    BTW, you might enjoy the novel Matrimony by Joshua Henkin. It begins in the college days of a young, wanna be writer and traces his life through marriage, trying to write, have a family, etc. Your background made me think of this book.

    Keep up the grooviness.

  2. What great stories of your groovy days gone by…and it sounds like you’re making the most of your slighlty more laid back schedule these days 🙂

    Sorry about no extra credit prompt -next week, I promise 🙂

    By the way, I’m doing a book review and giveaway of the book Karen mentioned in her comment -it’ll be posted Sunday, October 5, at http:ravenousreader.wordpress.com

  3. Thanks for the book recommendation Karen and Becca. I will check it out.
    What a fun way to begin the day. GREAT PROMPT!

  4. Ka pai Bonnie!

    A great post!

    Feeling Groovy is a great song.

    I missed Kevin’s day-in-a-sentence last week AND photo Friday! So I didn’t feel as groovy as I might have done come today 😦

    But here’s the rest of the poem I put up last week for the day-in-a-poem. I wrote this on a rainy day when I was feeling groovy. It’s yours now 😉

    Catchya later
    from Middle-earth

    ——– o O o ——–

    Tall stony pillars in juxtaposition,
    Wires in a matrix traversing the vision,
    Sparrows perched affably cuddling each other,
    Bobbing together,
    Cocking their heads to cheer one another,
    Scorning the weather.

    Tireless traffic now waiting on green,
    Motors hot-revving intrusive and keen,
    Pedestrians huddled in crowds by the crossing,
    Watching together,
    Then marching on briskly their merry heads tossing,
    Doubting the weather.

    Fleet stepping figures in oilskin array,
    Scattered reflections a constant foray,
    City street buskers with rhapsodic song,
    Happy together,
    The lyrical chorus delighting the throng,
    Mocking the weather.

    ——– o O o ——–

  5. Wow Ken, how cool. A poem from you inspired by me. I LOVE IT!!!!!
    Feel free to add a photo any time you like.
    Here’s a challenge. Kevin suggested that I send around an object from person to person photographing it in different environments and then sharing it on PHoto Fridays. I am sending it to Kevin, are you game to play?

  6. Kia ora Bonnie!

    As Johnny Depp (as Willy Wonka) said in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, “That’s really wierd.” Yep. I’m in.

    Dunno how it’s gunna work. But I’m in.

    The poem, written in the rain, was actually drafted a long time ago Bonnie :-(. It was written to shine sunlight on dull rain – inspired by the sparrows perched on a telegraph wire just before the rain started.

    But this version was polished up recently for you and for Kevin’s D in a P.

    I do this over the years. Many bits I’ve written never see the light of day. Some take decades to surface. But it’s your poem now 🙂

    Ka kite

  7. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  8. Sign: umsun Hello!!! rcuwwymhyw and 193ssgfhphzye and 9018Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post nice! I just came across your blog and wanted to say that Ive really enjoyed it.

  9. Thanks Megan,
    Stop by any time

  10. Sign: zdbrw Hello!!! utkpa and 1883vafgqfbpxc and 4721 : I like your blog. cool post!

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