Almost a Perfect Saturday on Fire Island: Slice of Life Tuesdays

Slice of Life Tuesdays coming to you from Two Writing Teachers

Tuvia changes when he’s around water. Just the boat trip from Bay Shore to Fire Island had him basking in joy. Cool in October, we were positioned on the top deck, out in the sunshine, exposed to the sky and ocean as they met together. It was glorious, but for me, it’ s more about watching Tuvia and capturing the experience in the viewfinder.

I don’t remember water playing much of a role for me as a kid. Sure, I loved swimming in a pool, but the ocean? I grew up in a valley surrounded by mountains. No ocean for me. Just a ride over a bridge sometimes.

But for Tuvia, the ocean animates him and Saturday was just a preview of coming attractions as we begin to pack for Israel. We leave on Sunday and I am sure we will be walking on the Tel Aviv beach as soon as we arrive at our hotel, unpack, change clothes and cross the street.

I will only agree to this plan, if a visit to Banana Beach is included so I can bask in plate of humus, a basket of pita, a bowl of Israeli salad.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this walk as well, although I am only happy walking at the edge, watching the power of the ocean from a comfortable distance.

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6 thoughts on “Almost a Perfect Saturday on Fire Island: Slice of Life Tuesdays

  1. Bonnie, I love the layout of this Blog with the larger photo. Looks great! A visit to Israel sounds very nice. I remember reading your travel experiences last year. Love the photo of Tuvia. My husband also braves the waters of the cold Pacific Northwest ocean, as he wanders out into it with his bare feet, while I wear socks and rubber boots.

  2. Me too! And I have not been to the ocean in far too long. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Loving this photo and the words.
    My own computer is being fixed so I have no access to photos right now.
    The computer wouldn’t upload my photos anyway.
    Thanks for giving me a ‘photo fix’.
    Love it!

  4. Thanks buds,
    Good to hear from you. Can’t wait to read something new from you

  5. I love the water! The ocean and sea are beautiful. The writing too. Thanks for sharing your writing.

  6. Lisa

    What a great vacation! I’m with Tuvia. The ocean is good for my soul.

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