Leaving Fall Behind

Early on Sunday morning I am up and clicking as usual, but it feels different. I am in that limbo zone I have come to know and feel uncomfortable with. I always need to be anchored and grounded somewhere but on this day of travel  I’m not.

For years I didn’t understand this feeling of unease but maybe now with some clarity on the why,  it’s easier to move through our day’s routine before we arrive at the airport.

Once the luggage is lifted out of our hands, the boarding cards are deposited carefully into Tuvia’s carry on, I feel freed to grab a diet coke and my camera and wait for our call and the last security check in a secured area of Newark airport that I have come to welcome.

So planning this day’s events is important. Off to the gym for one last workout with Anthony before I let myself enjoy a few plates of humus and baskets of warm pita at Banana Beach. A lunch at the Suburban diner, a walk in Ridgewood, a short guitar practice, more clicking until 5, now that our departure has been moved to 8 instead of 11- a welcome change.

We have great seats for the trip, bulkhead seats, harder and harder to come by. But Tuvia’s son, Ron has a connection and this time it worked for us. Leg room, what’s more valuable than that on the 10 hour flight? And I’m bringing along some healthy snacks: protein bars, whole grain bread from Panera, peanut butter, pretzels, and some water packed tuna, so food is covered.

Of course I have my Macbook, my Kindle filled with enough reading matter for 10 trips and a sleeping pill. And now to count down the remaining hours and minutes on a gorgeous Sunday in Paramus, coming our way.

See you on the other side of the world where the sandals and shorts will still be the order of the day,


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4 thoughts on “Leaving Fall Behind

  1. Great leaving-on-a-jetplane slice, Bonnie! I hope you and Tuvia had a good flight and that you’ve already enjoyed your first walk on Banana Beach! Looking forward to seeing your trip unfold online.

  2. Bonnie, do you like your Kindle? Love your Kindle? Do you prefer the real books? I am debating about buying one.

  3. Enjoy your journey Bonie! Safe travels.

  4. Thanks for your good wishes. The trip was great and the place remains wonderful.
    I love my Kindle. It’s very easy to read a book with it especially a big, chunky book on a plane, in bed, on the beach.
    I still read books. Lots of ed books aren’t Kindlized yet.
    It’s great.

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