Loving Where I’ve been and Where I am: SOLT

Slice of Life Tuesday Challenge brought to you by Two Writing Teachers

I am home. I AM HOME!

A fresh picture from my balcony as the sun rises at 6:30 and I can smell the heat coming up from the heating units scattered around the apartment. Just 24 hours ago, we were turning up the AC in our hotel room to eliminate the heat from the outside.

As we re-entered our real lives yesterday and grabbed for our jackets, long pants, shoes and socks I was ready to be done with summer life, for now.

Just a week in Israel and I was ready to return to fall, to the chill in the air, giving up the October breezes that came with Israel’s celebration of Succoth last week.  It may seem too few days for the long plane ride there and back but a week in Israel is concentrated, packed with the familiar.

I can be home in Israel, I can be home in Nyack.

I’m starting to understand Tuvia’s thrill to anticipate the next trip, be there and then thrill to get and be back home again. It’s a great way to live.


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6 thoughts on “Loving Where I’ve been and Where I am: SOLT

  1. Welcome home Bonnie. I always love reading about your trips to Israel. Thanks for sharing your photos and impressions.

  2. Thanks Pati
    It’s good to be home.

  3. “I can be home in Israel, I can be home in Nyack.”
    Sounds like a mantra.

  4. Feels like one too,
    Hag Sameah

  5. Welcome home, Bonnie! I love to travel, but I always love to get back home. I agree with Stacey: that line does sound like a mantra. I like it!

  6. Your vacation pieces are amazing Stacie. Great sources of inspiration.
    BTW, do you know about the National Novel Writing Month coming in November? Looks like it will be a blast.


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