Mihael and Mia: Memoir Mondays

Memoir Mondays, coming to us from Two Writing Teacher

I walked into my apartment last night at 6:30 PM and after the unpacking, the washing, the efforts to feel familiar again in my space, I opened my Macbook and scrolled through my latest collection of photos for one, just one that epitomized this trip to Israel.

Mihael(4) and Mia (2), Tuvia’s Israeli grandchildren who are  becoming  humans now that  comfortable with the Mediterranean Sea,

it’s a pleasure to walk along the beach and remember with Adi how miraculous it was when they were conceived during a December trip to Israel for Tuvia’s 80th birthday celebration. Just before the party we  spent a weekend with Ami and Adi in Eilot. After years of frustration, seven failed in vitros, they took a break, got a dog and relaxed and when we returned to Tel Aviv, Adi was pregnant with Mihael.

Five years later, on a Shabbat afternoon, two children raced into the sea and we watched and remembered.

Good to be home!


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2 thoughts on “Mihael and Mia: Memoir Mondays

  1. Great photo (I love the capture of Mia’s hand posed ‘just so’!) and great story. How lovely and lucky for your friends!

  2. This was one of those happy surprises. I just kept clicking the shutter and a polarizer lens to deal with the bright sunshine and I had lots to choose from.
    I am having the best time experimenting with my Nikon D60.

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