Through the Viewfinder At Sunrise: Memoir Mondays

If it’s Monday, it’s Memoir Monday and I’m glad to be writing from my leather chair with a view (soon) of my Hudson River. But last week, as we prepared to leave Israel, I had one last chance to grab my waiting camera and  still in my pj’s, open our huge sliding glass door and take my spot on the balcony of our hotel for one last set of pictures.

Over the years we have found a dream hotel in Tel Aviv, Sea Executive Suites. It’s located right across the street from the beach and the sea, where you can find the famous pineapple and monkey. I don’t know what makes that faded landmark significant, but everyone seems to know it. It’s a hotel with the personal touch.  Some of the “kids” at the desk change but Shemulig, the head of maintenance manages to find his way to our room to help us with something.  There’s a personal touch that I’ve never seen before at a hotel.

Sad though since the loss of value in the dollar the cost for the suite has skyrocketed, doubled, but I’m sure that comparitively it’s still a good deal.  I would recommend room 32.  We’ve been in it for last few years and it’s wonderful: living room( with a new couch), kitchen, separate bedroom, bathroom, two tv’s, and computer in the room.

But it’s all about the merpese t(balcony) and the sea in front of us.

I feel  left out, if I’m not up with the sunrise, rain or shine.

At first it’s just me, with a few guys working in the trucks to prep the beach for the day ahead, cleaning up the debris from sloppy visitors. But soon the walkers appear, the joggers, the cyclists, the swimmers, the watchers.  I wonder, if I lived in  Tel Aviv, in walking distance would I join these dedicated sea lovers.

I am honored to document their persistence,especially the swimmers above.  On this morning the sun didn’t rise. Instead the rain arrived with a vengeance.  It didn’t last long, but who would have believed that in this moment? The rain fell with such force that I had to move inside and soon even the swimmers had to leave.

But later that day we were out walking normally.

Now that Tuvia’s son has a dream home and a bottom space for us to use when we visit, I won’t be spending as much time at Sea Suites, but I can’t imagine a trip to Israel without a few sunrises across from the sea I’ve come to know and love.


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3 thoughts on “Through the Viewfinder At Sunrise: Memoir Mondays

  1. Lisa

    I had absolutely Tel Aviv was like this, a vacation resort town. hmmm

  2. Shockingly, one of the only things I remember from my trip to Tel Aviv (when I was six) was the beach. Thanks to your photo, it brought the memory right back of those early morning swimmers!

  3. “I feel left out, if I’m not up with the sunrise, rain or shine.” I feel the same way about the sunrises that we have had the opportunity to experience in Kauai. There is something about the awe and majesty of the rising sunrise at the beginning of a new day. Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories.

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