Barack on my Chest: Slice of Life Tuesday

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I have a growing wardrobe of Obama T’s and buttons and I’m hoping that I will be able to wear them after next Tuesday.

Just one more week.

I have been holding my breath for months, waiting to get to next Tuesday with Barack poised for a victory.

I remember the sadness of loss as a good Democrat many times in my voting life. In fact, out of the last 11 presidential elections, only 3 brought a Democrat into the White House. But since that night when I sat with my dad and watched JFK squeak out a victory, I have been hooked on the process and my life as a Democrat.

Sometimes I took stands that worried my parents. I worked hard for Eugene McCarthy during the VIet Nam fiasco. It was a challenge to organize a McCarthy Day in the center of our very Republican town, Ellenville for him. Our event was a success, but Eugene lost and I believe, we did as well.

I remember each morning after.  I remember Nixon’s wins, Reagan’s wins, daddy Bush, and of course W. Somehow we all moved on after the initial disappointments.  I did feel that W would really mess us up, but he exceeded my worst fears.

We need a superman to get us out of the last eight years of mess and I am not that romantic to believe that Barack can work miracles, but I am hopeful he can offer something fresh, a look beyond ourselves to the future, to the rest of the world, to future generations and a very Democratic agenda.

One more week.  I am hoping to do something each day for my candidate and wear my Barack support on my car, my jacket, and yes, my chest as I did most days in Israel.

Funny, I have always supported my candidates with clothes and buttons and stickers but this is the first time that people have really noticed and stopped me to share support, mostly.

I am hoping to be back here next Tuesday with good news, with an Obama victory.

It might have to be a Slice of Life Wednesday.


My book buddy Bonnie, sent me a  great Spanish You Tube Video song to Barack.

Click if you are interested.

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3 thoughts on “Barack on my Chest: Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Maybe we’ll have to have a special election issue!

  2. That would be cool. Maybe an election memory for MM.

  3. Oh, I am holding my breath, too! I love the video, thanks for sharing that. I’m proud to say I understood most of it without the subtitles, guess my Spanish lessons are bearing fruit after all!

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