Thanksgiving 2008: Memoir Monday 12/1/08


At 7:30 AM, on  Thanksgiving day my  preparations were in full swing. I had just cranked up the heat even with a roaring duraflame fire in full force.

I was already chopping the onions for my brisket ( not a turkey) and I was dancing around the apartment with Bonnie Raitt moderately blasting from my Ipod speakers.

I was free to be home with no plans to remove my car from its comfortable garage. Tuvia would be the one to deal with Thanksgiving travelers, but once he arrived here all we would have to do was ride back down the hill to the Palisades Mall for a movie, a big, romantic movie, Australia, with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.

Most years we have joined the Thruway travelers, patiently snaking up north for a family feast in Ellenville, where over-eating was always the rule of the day, but this year we were adapting to my aunt’s 90th berithday celebration the following night.  So we were free to create a romantic Thanksgiving.

We had just returned from San Antonio and eating wildly had become a bad habit for me.  After weeks and months of moving into the groove of regular exercise and careful eating, I was lookng and feeling great and then just one week away and I was off the wagon once again.

Just a bit of a change of pace and place and I was running wild.  I moved away from skinless chicken breasts and salad to Texas-style baby back ribs and Tex-Mex frajitas. No one forced my hand when it was my turn to place my food order.  It was all my fault.  That’s what a week of conference racing and then a slowed down vacation rythm that Tuvia’s arrival offered me.

At least Thanksgiving 2008 allowed us time to be normal-a movie, a few slices of brisket and the familiar warmth of a duraflame fire.  How lovely and guilt-free. It’s always good to come home again.

Happy Holidays writers! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving,


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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2008: Memoir Monday 12/1/08

  1. yum, brisket. that sounds like a better thanksgiving tradition! i’m not one for turkey myself… i usually leave it on my plate, in favor of the side dishes. 🙂

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