Slice of Life Tuesdays: Holidays in NYC: December 12th


Slice of Life Challenge brought to you by Two Writing Teachers, Stacey and Ruth.

Like everything else, it’s more expensive to be in New York City, but as you can see, the crowds continue to flock to the Rockefeller Center area and we were right in it as well.

I was feeling sorry that I didn’t have my good camera with me and then I remembered my handy dandy Iphone and just pulled it out and clicked away.  Now the picture doesn’t have as many of those rich pixels but what the hell, it was easy and the moment is frozen.

It was a great day and while I couldn’t capture a shot in our theater, here everyone was flashing away. Celebrating the holiday season is universal here.

It’s such a gift to be able to get to NYC from our homes in less than 30 minutes and while lots of people who live in the burbs rarely travel into the city, we are unstoppable. Hopefully I’ll be back to walk the Village streets  tomorrow night with my friend Nancy if the weather works with us.

I keep pinching myself for my life here.  For most of my past, the city was a journey, 2 full hours from the Catskills.  I hope I’m just where I am always.

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6 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesdays: Holidays in NYC: December 12th

  1. Lisa

    I am jealous. I love Rockefeller Center in the winter time!

  2. lynnjake

    I love this photo. It brings back such fond memories of my short time in NYC last year. I would go there a lot if I could, as well. I can’t believe you took this shot with your iphone. I think it’s great – I love the fluttering flags. You caught them so clearly!

  3. Love that photo. I haven’t been in the thick of it for awhile now… Nice to be back there!

  4. Kia ora Bonnie!

    What a fantastic post this is! and an amazing picture! You take such good photographs. I admire that talent!


    You will be aware that you are in my Top Ten Commenters and as such you are entitled to the award, courtesy Scott McLeod, according to his award criteria.

    I had not intended the display of the medals on my post to indicate that I was giving the award to myself. I understand that it may have looked like that and I apologise. I’ve amended the display so that there is now no confusion about this.

    The awards are for my top ten commenters, however, of which you are one. Thank you for your comment contribution to my blog this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed your visits Bonnie!

    All the best of the season
    from Middle-earth

  5. Thanks Lisa, Stacey and Ken for your kind words about my Iphone photo. It was a great day in NYC and I’m glad I could share it with you. Wonderful to share with you,

  6. I am also very jealous. NYC is on my list of places to go very very soon!

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