Latkes for Chanukah 2008


Three batches of Latkes, over two different days.  My clothes are clean now but the apartment continues to smell a bit from the frying process.  You notice the products from each batch.  The paper towels they rest on are filled with the oil that has come through.  Too bad more remains to clog arteries.  Sure, I made them for my family celebration, but I don’t support them.  I ate a few to test each batch, but I didn’t enjoy the feeling once they were digested.

There was a time we all ate fried foods regularly, but who does that now?  Not I.

Anyway, it was fun taking up the challenge, putting out the call for favorite recipes and then messing up my kitchen, cleaning it, messing it again and watching Tuvia eat some from his batch, #3, the one without onions.  He loved them and the attention.

Our family celebration is scheduled for Sunday, for the first night of Chanukah and the way it looks today with the snow here and more planned for Sunday, that we will need to reschedule.  Oh well… All three batches are in the freezer waiting for their moment back in the sun.  Let’s hope it’s soon.


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3 thoughts on “Latkes for Chanukah 2008

  1. Kia ora Bonnie!

    It’s funny the way a metabolism changes. I’m like you. I don’t go for much fried food, but I remember a time when I did.

    I guess it all depends on body need. In Scotland, at this time of year, the food is rich in energy. Christmas dinner is traditionally a fatty feast, from the roast turkey, with its crispy bacon covering, to the Christmas pud with fresh cream and custard. Most who tuck in need the energy, for it’s -25 degrees outside and the snow is still falling.

    In New Zealand at this time of year, I prefer salads and fresh fruit for Christmas. It never happens. This is because of tradition. And it’s an imported one.

    In the heat of the broiling sun, who would sit down to a Christmas roast dinner, with roast potatoes, and baked kumara, pumkin and parsnip, followed by helpings of plum duff or Christmas pudding, custard and cream or ice-cream? They do here.

    Catchya later
    from Middle-earth

  2. Thanks for your interesting perspective Ken. Always a pleasure to have you visit here.
    PS. Are my raisins visiting with you still?

  3. Kia ora Bonnie

    At the last call you Raisins were on their way. By all accounts they have not yet reached Middle-earth. I look out for them.

    Best wishes
    from Middle-earth

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