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Our first real snow fell this weekend, beginning on Friday with a bit of a break on Saturday and then back again early Sunday morning and on and off for the whole day.  I was able to enjoy all of it without frayed nerves because I didn’t have to drive.  I could just grab my camera and document it from the window, from the porch, in my PJ’s and slippers, on a walk in Nyack. This is my relationship with snow in 2008, but that’s not how it was in my past.

As a kid growing up in the Catskills snow was my best friend.  I think I loved it more than the heat of summer.  Snowfall created the excitement of free days from school, often arriving in the middle of the night, a gift to wake up to.  My parents were strict about bedtime but the house woke up early  and we were up as the daylight  uncovered the white blanket at our door with  a fresh world to create with news of a SNOW DAY. A bit of breakfast,  a shower.  a layer of water-proof play clothes, and then we were free to run wild on our fresh canvas, sculpting snow creatures, forts, constructing a fantasy world.

My mom watched at the window.  I felt  sorry for her, but knew she would call us back  inside at just the right moment, for tomato soup, just what a mom should do.

As I return back to 2008, I realize that I didn’t have to feel sorry for her.  She enjoyed watching as much as I enjoy documenting  my neighbors romping  in the white, although they don’t seem to be playing in this snowfall.

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5 thoughts on “snow, Snow, SNOW!!!: Slice of Life Tuesdays

  1. lynnjake

    I grew up in Iowa, where snow was a huge part of our winters. I remember different activities, depending on the stage of the snow. Watching it fall, so excited by it, then having snow days to make forts, angels and snowmen, and have snowball fights. Then the trudge to school with snowpants under my dress, my socks slipping down into my school shoes inside my rubber boots. (Not to mention taking the snowpants off at school and hoping my underwear stayed up as I did so.) Then there was the sloppy slush we’d scrape into cubes on the sidewalk and then stomp it, splattering snow everywhere. I”ve lived in CA for a long time now, and don’t get snow where I live. But I’m glad to have known it as a child.
    Thanks, Bonnie, for the memories.

  2. Lisa

    Why is snow so much more fun for kids? Maybe because they can just enjoy it without worrying about the driving, the shoveling, the roof caving in. Snow Day for me means a day at work with no students. It isn’t nearly as nice as the day you described (even though I get a TON of work done.)

    Happy Chanukah!

  3. Hi Bonnie!

    Ah! Now this is what Latkes are all about.
    I love the smell of snow in the air when it’s
    really freezing. The air has a texture when
    it is as cold as that.


  4. THanks Lynn, Lisa and Ken for sharing your snow feelings. Great to have you add to my story,

  5. I’m glad you came to that realization. There’s something lovely about people-watching during a snowstorm (or after).

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