Last Night of Chanukah #1 A-Photo-A-Day Begins


Welcome to the last Slice of Life Tuesday for 2008. See more at Two Writing Teachers.

Chanukah ’08 ended on Sunday but not without one last  explosion of lights.

When I was younger, I enjoyed lighting the candles, but they were the ceremonial means to the gift at the end of the last blessing.

There’s been a profound shift in the last few years.  Who cares about the “gift”? Just lighting the candles on this very cool menorah that I found about 5 years ago in a ceramics shop in Nyack, is enough for me, especially as we get to the 6’th, 7th and 8th night and then create candle bonfire.  I rush to shut off the electric and with  candles that last for over an hour, it’s a pleasure to linger in the kitchen, to enjoy the natural light.

Of course the menorah is now back on its shelf, but I remember  the moments and look forward to Chanukah 2009 for our next “gifts” of


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3 thoughts on “Last Night of Chanukah #1 A-Photo-A-Day Begins

  1. lynnjake

    Oh, Bonnie, your menora looks so lovely with the blue candles. I love how the color blends from light to dark blue, to match the blue of the menora. The idea of welcoming back the light during a dark time is lovely. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I found this blog via Bud Hunt’s blog. I joined the 2009/365 challenge this year and have been writing about each photo. It has been the impetus I needed to get me to write more often. It has also pushed me to write more in my other blog.

    I enjoyed basking in your menorah’s light – and what a unique and lovely menorah.

  3. Welcome Susan,
    I am a member of another very cool flickr photo sharing group. Check us out if you are interested:

    And I am also selecting a photo a day here.


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