In the Present January 3, 2009


Yesterday Chelsea hosted me at her new house for brunch.

She borrowed a coffee maker so I didn’t have bring my own cup from Dunkin D.

She radiated pride and joy and was thrilled to share it with me, my student in class, on stage and beyond.

I am loving the beyond now.

I don’t think she has ever called me Bonnie and  I hope she continues with BK.  I love that!

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2 thoughts on “In the Present January 3, 2009

  1. I really enjoyed my time on your site. Thank you for your comments at also. I was excited about your format using pics to generate writing. Would you mind if i use this idea with my fourth graders (I’ve created a wordpress blog for all twenty of them) and also with the Fellows that I work with at the Indiana University Southeast Writing Project ( I’m Co Director and tech liaison there and create a blog site for each of the 120 IUSWP Fellows we have trained so far. I think it would be a great springboard for them to use pics to come up with meaningful topics to write about. I’ve added your site as a link on my site so I can come back often. And to how I arrived at Two Writing Teachers…I am always exploring the web for those who enjoy putting their words on paper or blogs.

    David at

  2. Be my guest David. Seems like we have a lot in common. Both of us are wearing two interesting hats at our sites. How did that happen with you?
    I would suggest that you might look at the Monochrome option for our blog look. It allows you to upload your photo with maximum quality and then the text background color is the primary color from the uploaded photo. Very cool.
    Thanks for your great feedback,

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