Tools for a great Sweat! January 10, 2009


I fell in love with the balance ball.  I was indifferent when it was first introduced as the latest exercise fad but once my personal trainer, Anthony brought it into the gym routine, I took to it immediately and got my own for home workouts and now, I salivate for new challenges.  I have to capture my latest movement on it.


Of course, I still use weights and my Nordic Track, but I get bored quickly.  Now it’s the ball, who knows what will appear next month.  Anthony enjoys the challenge.  That’s what he gets paid for.

I need to get him captured.


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2 thoughts on “Tools for a great Sweat! January 10, 2009

  1. My ball is my favorite exercise thing, too. It’s amazing the core workout you can get on that thing!

    My “gym class” begins later this month and it’s time. It’s one thing to go to the gym on your own, do the aerobic stuff. Another to do a set routine with target points!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope to see you again!

  2. I agree, that’s why I don’t consider Anthony a luxury.
    PS. You are now officially in my Google Reader.

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