Jeff turns 57 : January 12, 2009

Jeff Turns 57

Meet Jeff, my brother, the middle child in our family, the silly one in the photo, the silly one in life. Sure, he’s not always silly.  He’s a lawyer, the mayor of our hometown, a former local judge of 12 years, a father, a husband, a son responsible for his parents who live on the next street over and a brother of course.

He is a very good person, a mensch.

I can’t say I was always a big fan. The clown side of him drove me crazy especially when he made me the butt of his jokes and it still isn’t pleasant when he does it now , but we have  found a path we can walk together.

He is loyal and caring and serious when it’s absolutely necessary, so I do like him as a man.

Happy Birthday, brother. 

Let’s celebrate.


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4 thoughts on “Jeff turns 57 : January 12, 2009

  1. It’s nice to have a mensch for a brother.

    Great photo!

  2. I love the photo! Aren’t brothers always the silliest?

  3. Yes Stacey, totally agree and Lynn, yes I have one silly brother and one very serious one. Nice to have both,

  4. Great photo, Bonnie. My brother and I also had to work at finding the path we can walk together. I love my brother, but he hasn’t always been easy … Happy birthday to your brother!

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