I asked for this shot: January 13, 2009


I usually don’t ask permission when I shoot photos.  Maybe I’m a bit shy. Maybe I worry that someone will say no. Maybe it’s because I want to capture moments as authentically as I can.  I don’t know, but I don’t usually ask.  As I stopped in for Chinese food, just some great rice and soup, I waited patiently with my new Fugi that fits comfortably in my jacket pocket.  I am focused on providing A Photo A Day this year so, the challenge is on.

We eat lots of Chinese food and this take out shop is our all-time, hands down favorite.  The rice, is to die for and when there was an issue about rice scarcity a few months ago I was nervous, but it seems to have blown over and the quality continues.

So as I raved about their food, I asked if I could shoot them and they laughed and blushed and kept working. The woman on the left is new and is far more focused on learning the ropes of the register than on my clicking but they enjoyed the attention, I think.

It was good to catch them at a moment where it was just us.  In minutes, the place was filled with a crowd of customers.  I used my window of opportunity well.

The new camera is handy but isn’t my serious camera but it is coming along with me to the Inauguration next week.

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3 thoughts on “I asked for this shot: January 13, 2009

  1. Lisa

    MMMM…I love American-Chinese food. Canadian-Chinese just isn’t the same at all. After Stacey’s post yesterday and yours today I think I need to plan to NYC trip!

  2. snowflakes6

    I love the photo and the words that go along with it.
    I too feel akward asking someone if I can take their picture. I think you captured a great shot.

  3. Thank you guys,
    It was fun to capture this one and share it,

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