Inauguration 2009: January 20, 2009


We were there!

We were up in the darkness, out  in the cold traveling from Baltimore with a taxi and dropped just across from   Union Station and instead of navigating the metro, we opted to walk along with the crowd to the mall.

We were near,close.  We could see the CAPITOL.

But we were on the wrong side and the fences and guards and masses,  prevented us from getting to the Mall as it filled to capacity without us. But we were there without expectations, unlike many around us with purple tickets who had to settle for us.

We waited for some of the lines to move, we soaked up a bit of sun, we wiggled around the blocks around us, but the clock was ticking faster than crowds were moving and  finally, as we got closer to 11:30 and the inaugural event. We were cold and frustrated and realizing that we were stuck we found a bar with one opened table and we grabbed it. Hot coffee, lunch specials,  a TV just above us and an Obama  crowd to share the moment with was

And we watched the VIP’s arrive and take their seats just a few blocks away, we were satisfied. We used the bathroom, ordered lunch and cheered with loudly for our 44th President. “Finally, a fine lookin’man who has brains and can dance!”

It wasn’t the mall but it was the best place we could be.


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One thought on “Inauguration 2009: January 20, 2009

  1. Lisa

    WOW! Sounds great. I would rather watch it on TV in a warm restaurant in DC than out on the freezing cold mall I think. I bet you have some fabulous pictures too.

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