Back Home: Memoir Mondays January 26, 2009


Last week at this moment, I wasn’t writing a Memoir Monday, instead we were traveling on the New Jersey Turnpike for the Inauguration.

I made myself crazy for the month leading up to the celebration.  Crowds, cold, lines, bathrooms…nightmares! I had my outfit of layers but I was vascilating, obsessed.

And then we were there.  It snowed on the trip there, it snowed when we were walking around Baltimore and there were crowds everywhere as we got closer to Washington, but on our dry-run last Monday, as we rode up to the Capitol Mall from the bowels of the DC metro, the blue of the afternoon sky, welcomed us to join the celebration.  Everywhere people strolled. Everywhere people smiled, filling up their jackets with Obama buttons. I was with my people.

Tuvia’s granddaughter, Leora, joined us.  Her first trip to Washington, her first interest in the political world. What a great moment for the three of us to share.

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7 thoughts on “Back Home: Memoir Mondays January 26, 2009

  1. What a great moment to share with those you care about!

  2. Exactly, Lynnelle

  3. Lisa

    That is a fabulous photo! I hope you frame it for her.

  4. Great idea, Lisa

  5. snowflakes6

    What a wonderful photo and memory. What a very special part of history to be present for.

  6. So great that you shared it with her!

  7. What an excellent photo! I’m so glad you were able to go. I know I almost talked myself out of it when I thought of the cold and the crowds and the bathrooms, but I’m so glad I decided to go anyway!

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