The Day After: January 31, 2009


Hoboken, New Jersey

This is what we live with most of the time. Snow is goreous as it falls but then we live with its remnants  for days after.

Is it spring yet?  Let me count the days…

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2 thoughts on “The Day After: January 31, 2009

  1. Kia ora Bonnie!

    I recognise this face. I empathise with your wish for spring. For me, the only things I can do in winter, if I’m not thinking of summer, is to play or listen to music. That always cheers me up.


    Tall stony pillars in juxtaposition,
    Wires in a matrix traversing the vision,
    Sparrows perched affably cuddling each other,
    Bobbing together,
    Cocking their heads to cheer one another,
    Scorning the weather.

    Tireless traffic now waiting on green,
    Motors hot-revving intrusive and keen,
    Pedestrians huddled in crowds by the crossing,
    Watching together,
    Then marching on briskly their merry heads tossing,
    Doubting the weather.

    Fleet stepping figures in plastic array,
    Scattered reflections in constant foray,
    City street buskers with rhapsodic song,
    Happy together,
    The lyrical chorus delighting the throng,
    Mocking the weather.


    Catchya later

  2. Hi Ken,
    Thanks for this poem. I am freezing here. Maybe Barcelona could be our March destiny. I need to mock the cold. A gorgeous poem.

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