Hoboken Streets: February 1, 2009 #32

Hoboken Streets

Over the last 13 years I’ve spent lots of time walking these gorgeous tree-lined streets filled with renovated brownstones.

Before Tuvia, Hoboken was the rundown city where Sinatra called home, just a stones-throw from the City but never a place I thought I’d ever be.  But on of our first formal date Tuvia drove us to eat in Union City and take a walk along Hoboken’s waterfront.

And why Hoboken?

Tuvia’s sons bought homes there when Washington Street was a ghost town. One might call them Hoboken pioneers, investing in the city’s future. Today the city is vibrant,filled with young people working across the river and living in Hoboken where housing is more reasonable.  Let’s hope that this city’s dynamisn can survive  through our current economic crises.

Hoboken is a photographer’s treasure chest.

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2 thoughts on “Hoboken Streets: February 1, 2009 #32

  1. lynnjake

    I love this shot. This type of city/neighborhood is completely foreign to me, so is fascinating. I’ve only visited the East Coast, so have only read stories set in Eastern cities. I agree that it is a treasure chest for photographers. Nice one.

  2. Interesting that you can’t find this where you live. I take it for granted Lynn. How have you been doing with the Photo-a-day Challenge.
    It’s been fun, although I don’t post a brand new photo from that particular day every day. I do take my camera everywhere, especially the small one I got recently, but some days there’s nothing.
    So I take a bunch when I’m hot with possibilities and save them when I need one.
    I take the writing piece seriously even if it’s short.
    What about you?

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