Dani at 18: February 2,2009 #33 and Memoir Mondays


Dani is the youngest member of the Kaplan clan at 18.  Hard to believe she’s in her last year of high school and there’s no more kids behind her.  But sharing a diner breakfast, with a small symbol of attention, a Mrs. Fields chocolate chip card cake, and she’s thrilled with it.

She is accepted to college, she is working now on  her French horn recital scheduled for April at the Manhattan School of Music and she is not planning to major in music.

There was a time when school  officials recommended she try drugs for focus.  My advice was to hold off and other voices probably agreed and in time Dani found her way to the horn and focus in music and gradually she figured out school as well.

She’s a very cool kid. Happy B-day Dani

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3 thoughts on “Dani at 18: February 2,2009 #33 and Memoir Mondays

  1. Oh, that cookie cake looks awesome!

  2. snowflakes6

    That cake does look amazing.
    Good luck to her at college and her music

  3. As a special education teacher I applaud you standing up and saying no to drugs to help Dani focus. I am so happy that she has found success in school and in music.

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