Camera in Hand: February 3, 2009 #34

Blue for Winter

Slice of Life Tuesdays and A photo a day 365/2009

Funny, in the spring months I pass this blue lawn ornament without a pause but the midst of this latest snowfall, I grabbed the shot to document my daily smile.  I need color.  Winter takes its toll on my own colors: my black jackets, sweaters and jeans.

I need  red, blue, green, pinks…

As I write today, I am wondering what there is about winter that makes me dream of moving to spring.  Sure it’s cold, really cold- too cold to enjoy a casual walk with Tuvia, and there’s the threat of dangers on the road to curb travel plans, but it’s the blanket of white that shuts me down and forces me to the calendar and to force travel plans to escape in February.

When I was teaching I loved directing  the winter play.  Sure snow often snowed on our rehearsals and performances, but I was able to create color even if it had to be indoors. And with this challenging  distraction we moved out of winter with stylish speed.

Maybe now that  I carry a camera in my small bag, to capture the world for my Photo-a-day challenge, maybe that’s making a  difference this season. I wonder…


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5 thoughts on “Camera in Hand: February 3, 2009 #34

  1. Brilliant blue orb: LOVE IT!

    We all need a little color right now.

  2. I wore a pink sweater yesterday and it sure changed my perspective!

  3. Kia ora Bonnie!

    But this scene is gorgeous. I can smell the blue 🙂
    Is that a dog I see before me? Or just a trick of shade?


  4. Wow Ken,
    I didn’t see that dog. I wonder if it was really there. I don’t remember seeing one. Looks like a spirit dog.

  5. Pink sweater, Juliiann, Nice.

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