Drama Shadows: February 5, 2009 #36


Yesterday I was back at my school, a place I lived in for almost 20 years, over half my teaching career.  I was back to take a seat in the auditorium I knew well. I’ve probably occupied every seat in it, for in those years of teaching I was directing at least one play a year, sometimes two, sometimes a small third.

Yesterday I was back to just watch Chelsea, my former drama student,now teacher-director heir, prepare her play for performance this weekend.  Can’t say this would have been my choice, but that’s fine. I have let go and it feels great.  The kids were great, having fun on stage and they are ready for the performances this coming weekend.  I hope that Chels will soon move to more meaty plays for  her casts and audiences, but this one is cute.

And I had my camera and this photo challenge to satisfy.  I put my eye to the viewer and went hunting in this familiar world.  I clicked away at the action on stage and soon moved my lens here to the walls on the sides that we used often to spill the environment on stage, into the auditorium.

Shadows, Sharon,my collaborator, loved to create shadows .Probably my favorite shadow play was To Kill a Mockingbird -Scout and Jem’s journey home from the school pageant saved by Boo.

It all began here on this wall.

I was back home yesterday, remembering.

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4 thoughts on “Drama Shadows: February 5, 2009 #36

  1. literacyspark

    That’s so beautiful!

  2. snowflakes6

    Love the shadows in the photo.
    It is so great to go back to a former life.

  3. Wonderful image!

  4. Thanks everyone. I am having such a good time challenged to take a new photo every day.

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