Surprises In the Download: February 6, 2009 #37


There are a few things I continue to love about digital photography:

1. You can take lots of photos without paying for them.  No more rolls of film with a fixed opportunity to capture a gem.  You used to click  and  live with the results. Now you can shoot to your heart’s delight, limited only by the life of your battery and the size of your memory card and far, that’s never been a problem.  I have back up for both and rarely have had to dip into my bag for my extras.

2. You can now take your photos and get instant satisfaction.  My jacket is still on and the memory card is out of the camera and slipped into the card reader and installed into its USB port and I am scanning and deleting in minutes. No more waiting or paying.  In the old days I could keep film in my old cameras for days, months, even years.

Okay, so it’s all good in the digital world and last night I captured Mia on my memory card with so many shots in her phase of fun, that I am wondering if I want to change the photo I selected.

Her joy, is it there?

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4 thoughts on “Surprises In the Download: February 6, 2009 #37

  1. Joy? Joy! Yes, it’s definitely there! Can’t help but smile looking at this lovely face!

  2. She’s a cool little girl, 2 1/2.

  3. Kia ora Bonnie

    There is winter in her cheeks and its crispness in her smile.

    Catchya later

  4. Yes Ken, she is not used to the cold of our winter on her cheeks. She was suffering from cabin fever, but today we get a break and they are off to the Bronx zoo.

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