A Sunday afternoon getting ready for a movie at the Burns Film Center.

From the first day of its opening, maybe 10 years, this working sculpture has been clicking away. Of course the inside/outside reflection adds something cool to it.

I would never have had my pocket camera out if it hadn’t been for my commitment to the Photo-a-Day challengeĀ  to click away every day.

What fun!

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  1. Reminds me of a Rube Goldberg! (Do I have his name right?)

  2. lynnjake

    I agree about the Photo a day challenge. The hardest days are those when it gets to be night and I haven’t managed to find the right photo yet. Last night at a little before 9:00 I just had to run downtown and grab some shots of a tattoo shop on Main Street that has a kind of funky winged heart as its logo. I certainly would not be doing anything like that without the challenge! I can definitely see that this will evolve into a habit, and a long challenge! The thrill is fading a little, and now I just am becoming a person who takes photos. A lot of them! I look forward to this year. I’m glad we’re both doing it. I love to see what you come up with!

  3. You got it Nancy.
    Lynn, I am creating my own rules with this. I try and take a new photo each day, but I have lots of back up just in case I don’t get something. But I am focused on it and I’m getting to write with them each day and I love that. THere’s nothing like the challenges. There’s a Slice of Life challenge coming up in March on Two Writing Teachers. That’s a great one

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