Computer Freeze Up, UGH!: 44/365 February 13, 2009

Computer Freeze Up

I’ve been moving along on the digital project that’s been hanging over my head.  I’ve been learning Final Cut Pro with the support of tutorials and my mac guy, Tom.

Rockin’ right along!

Until, yesterday afternoon.  I wasn’t thinking, it was Friday the 13th!

I was well along, the intro was great, I was satisfied with the build up to the ceremony and I was editing my video like a pro and then I took a break for dinner, when to pick up our Chinese take-out.

We cleared the table after our pig out and bam! Nothing was working.  Slow down. Freeze up. Apple’s rainbow thinking ball was rotating out of control and I wasn’t able to see the work I’ve done. HELP!

Of course at 7pm I wasn’t getting a tech support spot at my Apple store and reluctantly, I powered down and joined Tuvia in the living room for a movie, after all he did deserve attention, just breaking through his cold.

And there was always another day…ugh! I am so dependent on my digital toys.

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