A Day on the Couch: 46/365 & Memoir Mondays

The Signs

I am remembering other mornings from my past, when a head cold stopped me in my life tracks and forced me to the couch for the day, living on oj, Tylenol and tissues. Of course, now it’s easier to take a Monday off.

When I was teaching it was a torment to make the decision to take to the couch.  I had school to consider.  Could I afford the time to break away.  Lesson plans, meetings, rehearsals, events and of course GUILT!  When I could give in I did.  It was never good to go with a serious head cold.  It only got worse and stayed longer and sometimes the kids were kind, sometimes not.  I remember always being miserable when I didn’t just give in.

So I’m giving in today so I don’t have to ruin my exciting work challenge that’s coming on Friday.

I have a fire going in the fireplace, the sun is shining in, I have my computer and all my toys around me and there’s even food in the kitchen.  No need to feel sorry for me.  I’m good.

You can fimd more Memoir Monday posts over at Two Writing Teachers. They are waiting to hear from you,


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6 thoughts on “A Day on the Couch: 46/365 & Memoir Mondays

  1. Hope you feel better! I’m at a week and a half with a cold now….yikes! Spring better come soon!

  2. I’m with you! Where’s spring?

  3. Feel better soon Bonnie.

    What’s happening on Friday?

  4. Oh, nasty head colds are the worst! I hope you are better soon and I too want to know the mystery behind Friday!

  5. literacyspark

    Oh Bonnie…I know that guilt so well. I hope you feel better.

  6. Friday I am on my way to the University of Maryland for a consultant job with a great friend of mine at her latest writing project.

    I will be digitally documenting a conference and working with teachers new to digital storytelling.

    I need to have my head totally clear and alert.

    How does that sound?

    I might be on my couch tomorrow as well come to think about it.


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