Blooming with TLC: Slice of Life 2/32 & A Photo a Day 60/365

Winter Bloom

Slice of Life Challenge: Day 2/31 sponsored by Two Writing Teachers

SNOW! New York City Schools are all closed for the first time in years.  I hear the storm but when I walk over to glance outside I don’t see much snow.  Tuvia left for work an hour ago.  On his block in Paramus, no snow.

But I just cancelled my morning plans and if Dana can’t make it this afternoon, I will probably be free in the afternoon as well.  But there’s lots of do, lots to prepare for.

But what about this picture?  We are clearly still in winter mode, but this plant bloomed this morning.  Amazing to me!

I was not someone who could grow flowers.  My earlier living spaces had windows but I almost always needed to have lights on in the house.  Here the windows stream in light and so I can’t take full credit for this bloom.

My mom gave me this plant two years ago assuring me that I would continue to have these blooms. That was two years ago.  I laughed, but now, she can’t even remember giving me the bably version of my giant plant now in its second pot and probably ready for a larger home and it’s still flowering.

I am feeling so GREEN.

And while I am committed to my month of Slices, I am killing two challenges with one shot.  This photo will also serve for my Photo a Day challenge.  I’m behind with that one but I will keep on making up for lost time.

YES to Monday!!!!

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8 thoughts on “Blooming with TLC: Slice of Life 2/32 & A Photo a Day 60/365

  1. Bonnie — Your photograph for today is so beautiful, it made me gasp and sputter! It’s another snow day in Massachusetts, too, but as I head out to rev up the blower, my head is filled with the amazing color and warmth of your photo. Is that a hibiscus? Thanks ~ T-Dawg

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your response.

  3. snowflakes6

    I love the photo—it is beautiful.
    I hope you continue to have a green thumb, I have killed all of my plants since I moved. I am waiting for it to warm up here to try again.

  4. What a great picture. I love the deep yellow of the flower. As for SOL, I got Stacey’s e-mail a few days ago, and I need to get started. I guess I’m only two days behind!

  5. Thanks Nancy,
    Nope today is day 2. Only one day is missing

  6. That flower is gorgeous! And a nice reminder that spring is really coming, despite the foot of snow on the ground outside.

  7. Thanks Slicers,
    Just a few hours later the flower opened 100% and soon it will be gone but I have it on digital tape “forever”.

  8. Lisa

    That might be my favourite of your photos! It is pretty miraculous that something that delicate can survive a snow storm.

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