Making Music, Finally: Slice of Life Challenge 6/31 64/365


Morning Slicers, here’s my 6/31 and Photo #64/365

Here’s a picture of my last recital two years ago.  I look like I’m enjoying the experience.  I am probably enjoying that fact that I have finished a piece of music that I love and wish I could have played well enough to reflect the time and passion I feel for it.

Jump ahead two years..

Today I am feeling that I can play that piece in a way that reflects the way I feel about it.  In short, I am beginning to make music. I am making the guitar sing.  I an taking control of the sound with my two hands and 10 fingers. And now that it’s happening, it doesn’t matter how long it’s taken to get here.

I just had this conversation with my teacher who has seen me up the mountain, always positive and patient and patient and now enjoying the sounds that come from my wonderful guitar that I can now hold  comfortably in my hands.

And to think, I was seriously considering an end to my classical guitar playing.  I was ready, I thought, to try the blues, or rock or jazz, but  I’m glad I couldn’t in the final hours of my decision cycle.

I love the Spanish sounds of Segovia and those who have followed him and I can’t leave that sound behind. After all I’ve been with many of my piece for years, growing into them: Afro-Cuban Lullaby, Cavatina, Song of the ThiefCancion, The Tango.  Segovia and others play them and so do I, but it’s each one is a mountain to climb and at this point, I am finally reaping some of the real rewards.

Soon I will be preparing for my next “public” appearance for a few groups of friends and I don’t think my hands will shake this time.  I’m hoping to be able to just casually and confidently have friends over and just say,

want to hear something I’ve been working on?”

You know, I love making music.

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10 thoughts on “Making Music, Finally: Slice of Life Challenge 6/31 64/365

  1. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. In fact, I took lessons at a fine arts camp once. However, I was also boning-up on my flute and learning piano in the same summer… the only thing that got better was my flute playing. The guitar and the piano were impossible for me. Frets… base clef… couldn’t do it. Too much.

    Maybe I’ll try again with the guitar in a few years.

  2. Tell me about it, Stacey. It is so much harder than it looks!

    BTW, great success with Slicers this year, don’t you think? The community is very large!



  3. Love the photo.
    And love the sentiment behind the post.

  4. Elizabeth

    Bravo for you for persevering. All of my sons play the guitar, one fanatically and beautifully. I love the photo–great post.


  5. Great photo! I know how hard you work on your guitar. I know your performance will be a success!

  6. Thanks everyone. One day I will be playing my own guitar as background for a digital story I create, but not yet,

  7. Lisa

    First when I saw this photo, I got a little mad. I am glad you pointed out that you were not wearing sandals today, but 2 years ago. If you were wearing sandals today I wouldn’t have been able to get over my jealousy and leave a coherent comment. 🙂
    I think it is great that you are learning the guitar. My grandma bought a piano when she retired and started taking lessons. She always said her main goal was to learn enough to amuse herself. And she did. 🙂 And she passed it on to us and made sure we had lessons.

  8. Your photo vividly displays your love for the guitar and music!

  9. The photo says a million words.

  10. snowflakes6

    Making music is wonderful! I always wanted to play the guitar but I have my piano—-I’m waitiing for the weather to warm up a bit so I can move my piano to my new house from my parents place.
    Again a wonderful photo to go along with the words. Best of luck with the music.

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