A Gift: 7/31 & 65/365


A late-night Slice of Life

The nightly new for New York plays as my background music.  I have been working for hours on my wedding piece, moving photos in and out, adding and subtracting motion and listening to Tuvia surf the TV channels in the living room.  I want to join him and I want to finish this piece so I can begin the next one.

I remain glued here.

I know I don’t have much more focus for this project tonight and soon, if I continue, I will start to mess up the progress I’ve made.  So it’s time to stop, say good-night to Tuvia and get writing a slice before the clock strikes midnight.  Too bad I don’t have a deadline on this wedding piece. Oh well…

So I need something to write about and I need a new photo and here, right on my arm is something perfect, my new watch replacing my treasured time piece, that’s been with me for years.  Sadly, I’ve had to admit that it’s ready to put in the drawer, too delicate for the day-t0-day life strains. When it comes to time, Tuvia demands reliability.  Last week when my watch completely stopped working I agreed with Tuvia, that it was time to retire it and find something that would keep ticking.

Smiling, he wanted to come shopping with me. Of course, it would be my selection and his credit card, but it had to be a reliable brand. I wondered if I could find something in a case at Macy’s to satisfy my need for a bit of funk in a time piece.

I was surprised, yes in less than 15 minutes I found a Skagen  made in Denmark, that looked pretty cool on my wrist.  How about that? Funk at Macy’s.

I’m happy, Tuvia’s happy and today was a spring Saturday and let me now break it in. Time to Spring Ahead one hour!


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