Lap Top School:70/365 & Slice #12


March is moving along with the help of a slice-a-day hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

Yesterday I spent the morning at Poughkeepsie Day School visitng my writing project buddy, Trace and her class of 7th graders as they began creating digital stories.  Recently this small private school went green, with each student required to purchase a lap top.  Of course, these are kids whose parents pay  yearly tuition for a space at the school.

After watching Obama’s new education secretary on Charlie Rose last night, speak passionately about  their interest in pumping money into our public and charter schools,  I wonder, if that might create some healthy competition.

Charter schools, should we see them as part of the public school system? Friends or foes?

Trace is working on her doctoral dissertation and will be visiting other school environments both public and charter.  I will be interested to see what she finds.

It was an interesting morning watching her students play on their computers. Some have macs, but most are working on PC’s and for me that’s foreign territory, but  that’s what most kids work on.  I have a Dell on my desk, but it’s always closed.  I know, I should lift the lid, to feel comfortable on both platfroms but I can’t, no, I haven’t.  I could, yes, but I keep avoiding it.  It was so easy to move from  PC to MAC and much harder to return.

Oh well. time to get off, guitar lesson soon.  I need to warm up my fingers first. Can’t wait.

Shower anyone??? Coffee???

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4 thoughts on “Lap Top School:70/365 & Slice #12

  1. I’m drinking my coffee now!! Today is parent conferences so I report to work at 11. The students in your photo look totally engaged!

  2. Nice way to start your day Lennye. I enjoyed watching Trace move them off the computers during class as well. Half Mast and the kids listened.

  3. How does Green and Laptop go together, Bonnie?
    Just wondering.
    On Charter Schools: While I think there is some merit behind the idea, what we have found here in our area of Massachusetts is that Charter Schools siphon off money from sending districts and we never, ever, learn about their “innovations” of running schools. As far as I know, we rarely hear from them at all.
    Ideally, they try new things and then let us learn from them.
    Instead, it feels a bit like “take the money and run.” (cue Steve Miller)

  4. Do you think that Charter Schools will have to share more under the new administration? I have the same issues although I have listened to educators talk very passionately about this alternative programs.

    As for Laptop Schools, they are moving away from the big textbooks and all the handouts and paper. It’s all moving to the hard drive and the web.

    The agenda looks great. We have something to share with our team now.

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