Friday with the Family: 73/365 Slice 14/31

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Shabbat Shalom and Happy Birthday to Herb Kaplan.

It was a great night to celebrate my dad’s 88.  My brother showed up with a new computer as our collective gift and while we digested a great meal, he worked to set it up and I unboxed the cake I brought along for dessert. Of course, before the computer challenge my youngest brother and I shared the cleanup.  It was warmly familiar. Rick washed, I dried and we talked.  It was good to be home and surrounded by family.

Too bad the whole family wasn’t with us.  Antoher brother and family, away this weekend.  Too bad you can’t have it all.  Too bad that there isn’t a better fit.

I have come to accpet what comes my way.  The moments of face-to-face communication are fewer and need to be cherished, so I am resolved to grab for what is possible even if it’s not perfect and whole.

I am sure my dad and mom enjoyed the evening with a good number of their children, grandchildren, my dad’s sister and niece and of course, Tuvia who somehow escaped this photo to return to the news.

A good night!


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8 thoughts on “Friday with the Family: 73/365 Slice 14/31

  1. Sounds like you had a beautiful evening.

  2. A wonderful photo. One of those you will cherish for many years to come. Seems like it is full of stories and warm relationships. You are blessed.

  3. Thanks to both of you. Yes, it was a wonderful night, especially for my parents. I always bring my camera along but last night my brother had his as well. Dueling cameras!

  4. Happy 88th birthday to your dad! I, too, love getting together with family. Our family is very small, but we can fill a room with all our talk and laughter. Always feels good. The picture is great (tricky Tuvia, making his exit early!), you look comfortable and happy.

  5. Elizabeth

    I know what you mean about itching to have it “all” when it comes to family gatherings. At the funeral for Aunt Jean this past weekend, all of our sibs gathered, except for one who had shoulder surgery and couldn’t travel. Nearly there. . . is sort of how I think it is as we get older and our lives get more fractured and complex.

    Your photo made me smile!

  6. Lisa

    What a fabulous keepsake photo. 🙂 It sounds like a lovely evening.

  7. All good.

  8. What a great picture!! I can see the family resemblance in some of the faces.

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