We are all WAITING: Slice of Life 15/31 & 74/365

We are waiting

Can you believe we are half way through this challenge? What fun! See more Slices at Two Writing Teachers

Spring is taking its time, that’s for sure. I am impatient for an end to winter coats and my ear muffs, but what about these guys?  Seems to me that they are really miserable with this long winter.  Just take a look at those bodies, their faces.

I see them everyday as I head out to my car, complete with a heater. I wonder what they are thinking about, what they do all day?

We are all waiting for the bush just behind them to bloom yellow buds.  It signals spring for me and breakfast for them.

We are all waiting…you too?

So that’s the official slice but here’s what I’m really thinking about that came out of me as I wrote into the morning on my Word Count Journal as if this wasn’t enough…

Last night as we waited for the PC Richards guy from 2-6 and beyond we were waiting for family, a family breaking up.

We opted to order in Chinese food and as we waited for everyone we made out the list. Tuvia held out hope that the PCR  guy would still show up to check his gas hook up for the new grill scheduled for delivery  and I went off to pick up the food, a very big bag of food.

By the time I returned  our guests had arrived  all looking sad and uncomfortable.

A family is breaking up and we are all feeling the  loss.  No camera necessary to document this moment. Family photos are now only to remember  the past.

It’s just a matter of time and three will become two.

We talked about everything else but just watching the teenager try hard to avoid any  eye contact was heartbreaking. We tried to engage her as often as we could in conversation. I worked to make her laugh, get her out of herself. But as we walked them to the door at the end of the evening, we had each other and they left fractured.

Sure we will see them again for the Jewish holidays but soon three will be only 2.


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11 thoughts on “We are all WAITING: Slice of Life 15/31 & 74/365

  1. It’s been a long winter. I eagerly await spring, even though I have seasonal allergies, with bated breath!

  2. It is hard when families break up. We have had our share of that in my own family and I am working hard to be generous and gracious. Your heart really comes through in this slice.

  3. Leaving fractured .. never a good thing.

  4. Lisa

    How good of you to help them through it.

    The deer look as eager as we are for something green.

  5. Elizabeth

    At first I was going to comment on the family of fake deer I saw walking out from church, but when the post turned to the serious and the divorcing family, I changed my mind. Divorce is difficult, seriously hard on children and rarely solves any marital problem (you can think of the exceptions). It only creates new problems, and thank heavens you’re there to support and help and try to help them through this.

    I couldn’t have made it through mine without my family like a bulwark around me. Thanks for the great post.

  6. Elizabeth

    Wait. Bad modifiers. The deer weren’t walking out from church–I was. And then I saw them.

    So sorry. You’d think I’d know better!

  7. The picture of the deer took my breath away. Your post about the family is all to dear to my heart as my marriage ended this last year. One thing I tried to focus on during this time was that my ex and I were ending our marriage, but that our family did not end. We had our share of problems, but we are blessed with beautiful children. Through the help of G-d and a therapists we can still be friends. Our family looks different, but our girls still have 2 parents who love them dearly. A book that really helped us was Mom’s House, Dad’s house (http://momshousedadshouse.com/). I am sure they are thankful for your love and support during this time.

  8. Thanks everyone for your responses to my deer and my dear family.
    I thought I was finished with my slice and it was ready for reading but something held me back, something more…
    I didn’t have to take pictures last night. Our dinner is burned in my head. I am hoping that my conversation today was helpful.

  9. Bonnie, I could feel the heaviness of your heart over the impending fracture of this family.

  10. What a balance here… the hopefulness of Spring and yet the disappointment of a family breaking up. I hope it gets better/easier with time.

  11. Families breaking up is so hard. I will say from my own experience, that the fact that this family can spend time with you, that you open your doors just to give a ‘normal’ night of take-out and TV is such a gift to them. Even if you never say a word about what’s happening, knowing they have your support is so helpful. Here’s hoping the coming of spring will also bring some peace, resolution and closure for them.

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