Riding to Dover: Slice 16/31 & 74/365

The Bridge to DoverA late afternoon Slice for #16 See more Slices at Two Writing Teachers

Usually I get a slice out smoothly in the morning  but this is my 3rd attempt for#16. What’s going on???

I tried to slice through yesterday inspired by Kevin, but I forgot to keep the slices in real time and lost the flow when I tried bringing them back this morning.

I  tried a second slice focused on today andthe day had a momentum of its own, so here I sit  in the lovely B and B in Pawling, NY  back here after a day at Dover Middle School getting to know better,  two classes of 6th graders and then planning with the team as the project moves forward toward our May deadline.

It was an absolutely glorious morning, riding up the highways.  Just a blast of sun and I was smiling, grinning actually. Of course, by the time I left the school the sun had given way to clouds but I was able to freeze the sun  here as crossed the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge. Don’t tell anyone I was shooting and driving at the same time.

I am having a blast with Mike’s 6th graders. So nice of him to share them with me. as we  move deeper into their stories.  They have been interviewing their grandparents and today they shared the kernels of their stories in a community story circle.

I remember when I began my first digital story at the Center for Digital Storytelling held in Sedona, Arizona. We sat together in a  circle, leaving behind the computers positioned around us. We returned to the ancient oral tradition, taking our turn to share and then listen to our voices. 

The magic continues at Dover Middle School.

Tomorrow three more classes will share their kernels together and I can’t wait.

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6 thoughts on “Riding to Dover: Slice 16/31 & 74/365

  1. Elizabeth

    I totally love taking pictures while moving so I was entranced by your photo. I don’t quite understand what you were doing with the elementary school kids, but I’m content not to know and just enjoy the good vibes your post is sending out. Sounds like a great day!

    (great post!)

  2. Good to know that I’m not alone with my car as I drive. As for my work, I spend most of my professional life working with teachers and their students as I share what I know and love about literacy and computers, digital writing. At the moment I am working with a teacher team and their students as they move through the process of writing stories for their digital stories. Very cool and exciting.

  3. I would love to see the curriculum you are using with this project — is there something written out somewhere — lesson plans, goals, etc, — that you could share with us? (me?)

  4. No lesson plans, no curriculum yet. I am working with the teacher team hands on… at the moment we are working with Jason Ohler’s story maps as they begin to write their first drafts. But the power of sharing the early stories in their early form has been amazing.
    They used the novels by Richard Peck: A Year Down Yonder and A Long Way from Chicago to begin this. Like the older character in the novel, they had to select an older person in their lives: most selected a grandparent. They are interviewing them, working on crafting good questions. Our conversations yesterday worked to shape and focus them to a Story with some sense of the elements. It was so important for this sharing for the teller and the listeners in this early stage.
    Then on to the writing…probably first a story chart that’s basic and then more writing and a second chart. Good to have the teachers figuring out how to best create the stories… I am offering my suggestions but ultimately, it’s their party.

  5. Thanks for asking. I will post more reflections as we move along. I have three more classes today. I did find the section in Ohler’s book on the story writing very interesting. Have to read it?
    Our deadline is May 19, the day of the school’s budget vote. Most kids are on board and as we get closer it will be good that the teachers on the team are well placed. The literacy teachers work with the full group individually but they are friends and have classrooms right next to each other. The third teacher is a tech guy and doesn’t have the kids at the moment but is poised to be involved for the tech pieces and working to move the pieces to the finish line. We will need him as the time gets crunched.
    Good to be writing all this out. Thanks again for the good question, even if we don’t have a written curriculum yet.

  6. Your job just sounds so great, Bonnie. Getting to go from school to school and meet all these wonderful kids and teachers and help them move forward in exploring their creativity. What a wonderful opportunity — for you and for the classes you get to work with!

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