What’s this Dragon Doing Here?:Slice 17/31

School Mascot?

First, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, especially to my Dad-it’s his birthday.

Now on to Slice #17 with more, many more at Two Writing Teachers

and this could be Photo #75/365.  I do lose track in that challenge, but does it really matter? No one is checking on me! No grades!

I have been grabbing everything I can with my camera and I’m wondering what this dragon has to do with Dover Schools. Probably their mascot. I have to find out today and report back.

It’s just there, at the entrance, as you drive up the hill and search for a parking spot.  I could have driven by but what a perfect photo op. It was right in my viewfinder as I exited my car with my pocket camera in hand and began searching for something to capture of the school.  Of course I have building shots but this one is much more unique, don’t you think?

More information to come…


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8 thoughts on “What’s this Dragon Doing Here?:Slice 17/31

  1. A dragon seems a wonderful thing for a school. Imagine all the kids writing about this dragon – what wonderful stories we might read.

  2. literacyspark

    I imagine them playing on it, I bet they love that dragon!

  3. Drats I forgot to ask Mike about it. I will,

  4. Kia ora Bonnie

    This looks like a park. I just love sculptures like this in parks. We have a few of Henry Moore’s bronzes in Wellington’s Botanical Gardens. They do the same for me as this dragon would if I came across it.


    Catchya later

  5. It’s a school entrance but it could be a sculpture at a park. Thanks for the link. I love sculpture parks Ken.
    I need to find out more about this particular dragon.

  6. Tracey

    Lucky kids to have a dragon guarding their days!

  7. I am looking forward to the explanation of the dragon!

  8. I love dragons, and this one looks great. Hmm … maybe we could get one to replace the giant cement crucifix on top of our building (it used to be a Catholic school)? I know I’d like that, but others might not feel the same!

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