The Story Circle: Slice 18/31 and 76/365

The Story Circle

Here’s a story circle at Dover Middle School. 7:45 am.

We all moved our chairs to Mike’s small table in the middle of his circle. Just chairs and interview notes.  I handed off my digital recorder and the kdis took over, sharing their stories.  They had begun their DS project, interviewing an older relative, a grandparent, a great-grand parent.

Some kids had clearly defined stories, some had a page of life details, some had plans, but everyone share something.  I asked questions, Mike asked questions, classmates asked questions. Everyone appluaded the teller and we were all excited by the power of the voice, uncovering life nuggets.

5 classes of 6th graders will continue to live with their stories as they move them with Mike and Lorraine, to a story map, to a first draft,  sharing with a partner and conferencing with Mike. I won’t be bacl until the end of March, when I will get back into the process to help  push their pieces to revision..

250 words. A few paragraphs to tell a big story. A challenge!

And then the photos and music…

But the heart of the piece remains the words in their voices.

5 classes of 6th graders, Exciting!

Slice of Life Challenge 18/31.

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5 thoughts on “The Story Circle: Slice 18/31 and 76/365

  1. literacyspark

    What a neat idea and so valuable for them!

  2. Lisa

    That sounds like fun! What a neat keepsake it will be for them as well.

  3. It sounds magical! What a great project.

  4. This PD project is great because everyone is on board: administration, teachers, kids and our writing project.
    I’m very lucky to be part of the whole,

  5. This sounds like a wonderful project, and the students are clearly engaged, which is key. I love that there are other facets to the project to accompany the writing. What fun for you and the kids.

    (As you can see, I’m finally trying to squeeze in some time to comment as well as post for the month’s challenge, trying to catch up with all the slicers I’ve been missing. Hope you don’t mind being bombarded by my comments today.)

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