Lots of Topics, One Slice: 20/31 Photo 78/365

Dr. Petix

There’s a LOT to talk about today. Barack Obama was on Jay Leno last night, the snow was falling as I left home this morning for the gym, but probably,  the most important person in my life today was my dentist, Dr,Richard Petix.

I almost opted for a photo of just the chair surrounded by the tools and drills, but Dr. Petix deserves center stage.

Like most people. I was not a fan of the dentist. I delayed my visits, often chickening out at the last minute and even more torturous than the dentist was the dreaded, hygienist. Ugh, I’m remembering.

But Richard Petix, he’s a king, a guy who understands his patients and their feelings. I began with him over 20 years ago when I moved to Rockland County and since then I rarely miss an appointment.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t enjoy his deep cleanings or his workouts in my mouth, when I have a cavity to fill, like this morning, But he is  always happy to see me, always happy to be working and always makes me enjoy being with him.

How many of you have a dentist like Richard Petix?  Raise your hands!

My first question continues to be: You are not  planning to retire are you?

He’s already sold his practice to one of his younger partners but he seems to be working even more than before.

I’m sitting on my couch now as the novicane  wears off.  He warned me about this and that’s okay.  I am happy he was the one who took care of me.  I promised him I’d would get back to my periodontist for the next dental appointment because my back molars need more expert hands and I could probably use one of those new Sonicare Toothbrushes Stacey described in an earlier slice.

I just scheduled that appointment.  I didn’t want to but I promised  Dr. Petix and a promise, is a promise.

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8 thoughts on “Lots of Topics, One Slice: 20/31 Photo 78/365

  1. snowflakes6

    I’m glad you like your dentist.
    I have a fear of the dentist after my horrible wisdom teeth experience last summer.
    Great photo!

  2. I do not have a dentist I even like. But I do have a sonicare and I floss every day and I hope that I don’t have to get too familar with a dentist – EVER!

  3. I too used to hate going to the dentist, but now I look forward to two appointments a year. My dentist is full of life and great stories. I don’t want him to ever retire!

  4. Lisa

    I used to enjoy the dentist, but now I am not so sure! As a kid I thought it was great fun. My current dentist tells me to let him know if it hurts. When I do, he says, “You’ll be fine.” It makes me want to bite him. I should probably change, but I like the hygenist.

  5. It’s all about the connections you make- a good dentist, a good teacher, a good contractor, a good partner.
    It’s so good when it works.


  6. I need to find me a good dentist. Mine retired 4 years ago and I haven’t found one. Thanks for the reminder, Bonnie. What did you think about Obama on Jay last night? My mom and I were talking about it at dinner. We are two of the few obama fans in Oklahoma. 🙂 Hope you are feeling well tonight.


  7. Lynnelle,
    That’s my biggest fear, finding a new dentist and he does not have good feelings about the younger generation.
    As of Obama, I loved him on Jay. He was able to be serious and comfortable and positive. He is living up to my expectations. I’m not crazy about Arne Duncan, but I am glad to have a president who is open to listening to lots of ideas. I am thrilled to have him leading us through this horrible time.
    What a wonderful thing he did yesterday, quoting from a Persian poet as he offered his good feelings to the Iranians as their holiday begins.
    He has a big speech coming on Tuesday night.

  8. I love that you wrote your slice about your dentist! It’s a good reminder that I need to make an appointment to go see Dr. Diacoumakis (“Dr. D” as we all call him). I like my dentist, too. He’s gentle and attentive, and I really like the other staff in his office. It’s hard to find a dentist you feel comfortable with, so I’m not at all surprised you’ve stuck with Dr. Petix all these years. I will definitely be staying with Dr. D. We’re about to hit our 5-year anniversary.

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