Brigantine, Cold and Beautiful: Slice 22/31 and Photo 78/365


 Can you believe this? Slice #22 and the weather is probably what it was back on Slice  #1 and yes we are on the Jersey Shore but still it’s cold. But a change of scenery is really so important.

 I snap lots of moments and Tuvia is my favorite subject but something happens to him when he gets near the water.  It’s a magic elixur  for him. Watching watch the water.   I don’t have the words for this experience.

  I feel his connection most deeply in Israel, when we walk together in Tel Aviv. We talk a lot about what that sea and shore looked like when he first arrived in Israel but  all bodies of water  offer him something very special.

 So even though it’s cold and I wish I had taken more of my winter clothes it’s worth it just to be here and  watch him.

Maybe I will find the words as we walk and talk.


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9 thoughts on “Brigantine, Cold and Beautiful: Slice 22/31 and Photo 78/365

  1. Good Morning Bonnie,

    Enjoy your day at the shore. And enjoy Tuvia’s enjoyment of the water!

  2. I am with Tuvia. I am so drawn to water – especially the ocean. There is something that just draws me to be near, the sight, the sound, it goes straight to my heart.

  3. It must be chilly.
    It does not feel like spring here … yet.

  4. lynnjake

    Beautiful reflection on Tuvia, Bonnie. Your love for him shines through your writing. Thanks for shating.

  5. magruppi

    Brrr! There’s something very excellent about the beach when it’s not summer.

  6. Thank everyone,
    Good that is come through that I am enjoying my time with Tuvia. I have a great photo to add to this trip

  7. Lisa

    🙂 I think this is a lovely picture.

  8. Elizabeth

    Ah, just lovely. The watching of the watcher watching the water. Lyrical and flowing, just like the sea.


  9. Lovely photo. Brigantine looks beautiful. I love small towns on the water. Being so close to the sea does something for me, too. Any water, really, but particularly the ocean. Something about the magnitude of it is oddly calming and reassuring.

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