Brigantine vs. AC: Slice and Photo


Extra Slice on March 22…

We are enjoying our afternoon in Brigantine.

We spent a few hours in Atlantic City and as usual, I am happy to see it and leave quickly. Yes, the ocean is the ocean and there have been some impressive changes since my last trip there, but it’s a place that makes me feel like I need a shower. AC is for gambling and customers need to be enticed to the table. Even though they don’t have me, I can still see lots of customers everywhere.


We were both happy to get back to Brigantine after our quick visit just across the bridge.

Back in Brigantine, it was a pleasure to take another walk, find our way back to a sweet bar for a vacation drink as we watched the ocean from our indoor spot and now back in our room, I write and revise under the influence and Tuvia catches up on news.

We are happy to be here, happy to be together,happy we are on the same wavelength.

Looks like tonight will be Italian just next door, on the early side to get back on time for 60 Minutes.

Both of us are thinking about- ISRAEL in April.


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7 thoughts on “Brigantine vs. AC: Slice and Photo

  1. I love pictures of Tuvia. Nevermind that he’s cute (he is cute), there’s just something so warm and open about his face. Seeing him always makes me smile.

    I’m with you about preferring Brigantine to Atlantic City. I’ve never been to Brigantine, but I always prefer a smaller, quieter place to the clamor of a city. (Yes, said by a woman who lives in New York City, but that would be why I’m always trying to escape to my sleepy fishing village in Jamaica!)

  2. I too, enjoy your photos of Tuvia, especially after hearing your love for him come through in your writing. Being a newbie, I somehow clicked on your photo archive. Wow… you have quite a talent.

    Here in Missouri we have “floating” casinos. It somewhat contains the mess, but has disrupted the beauty of some sleepy river towns. Still waiting for that flux of school money from their profits. The $$ they used to sell the public on the advantage of gambling. Better stop, I’m getting riled up!

  3. Stunning photo of an amazing man. I love when you write about him and take his photo. The picture just makes me want to say “Hello to you Tuvia!”

  4. Tracey

    I love the windswept quality of the photo. Your appreciation of simplicity comes through in your prose.

  5. Elizabeth

    Okay, I’m writing this in green ink, jealous for your idyllic time at the seashore, jealous that your husband will (kindly) pose for photos and jealous that you get to go next door for Italian after a relaxing afternoon. However, I’m carried away to your seaside place after reading about it. Thanks for including this moment.


  6. Lisa

    I am almost in tears. Italian food at the Jersey Shore is a divine experience. I am homesick.

  7. Lisa,Elizabeth, Jane, Stacie,Tracey and Becky,
    Thanks for visiting today and leaving such great comments about tuvia and our time in Brigantine.
    It was a fun trip and even more fun to be challenged to get some photos and slices in the process.
    Challenges are changing my eye for a story

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