My Mall, Love it or Leave it!: Slice #26/31 & Photo 81/365


The Palisades Mall in  West Nyack, NY was built on a landfill.  Rosie O’Donnell, Nyack resident, took up the challenge to find out if the rumors were true, that the mall was really sinking. She began to measure the foundation and share the results on her morning talk show.  Her results might have been inconclusive but the furor kept me away. In addition, the mall developers were in a heated battle with local residents. They uncovered surprise expansion plans to build a Palisades 2, on the other side of the highway. Their plans were met with well- organized and passionate protests and the plans were eventually scrapped.

Power to the People!

During the early days of the Palisades, I lived south and stayed away. It was too industrial, too big and way too impersonal.

That was  until I moved to my condo on the mountain and as I rode down the bottom and turned right, through 3 traffic lights, there it was on my right. And an Apple store moved in on the bottom floor, and I bought my first Macbook there, and when Apple Genius Chris first told me about Apple’s weekly pro care lessons and a ten-plex movie theater was constructed on the top floor with stadium seating and at least 1 or 2 of the 10 movie selections offered were edgy and independent, well what can I say?

I’m no mall rat, but I do frequent the Palisades Mall weekly. A movie, a lesson, a frozen yogurt, a visit to the Barnes and Noble, a salad at the Cheesecake Factory, a coffee at the Dunkin Donuts.

But what really motivated this shot was purely for the Photo-A-Day Challenge . I was on my way out, after a great Mac lesson focused on new video software I have never used. I was racing to the next appointment,  but in the back of my mind I felt the daily photo challenge slowing me down, forcing me to look up and around and grab my Fuji Finepix and take a longer look through its lens for a shot of this world of steel and light.

I couldn’t wait for a moment to download the captured moments  and here’s the gem.

And this is day 26 of the Slice of Life Challenge.


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8 thoughts on “My Mall, Love it or Leave it!: Slice #26/31 & Photo 81/365

  1. Elizabeth

    I always love a good narrative and in this story of your mall, I’ve found one. I like the progression you’ve taken, from arm’s length to quasi-embrace, fueled by the advent of stores that you like and are in your niche.

    When I lived in NY ages and ages ago when the babies were young, we used to come down from Orange County to what we thought was Mecca: NJ and all its shopping. I purchased my living furniture there–my first set of real furniture, later lost in the divorce. I still think of NJ and all its shopping, even though in my rational mind, I know it has all changed.

    I enjoyed this post very much–

  2. Thanks Elizabeth,
    You got to this slice before I even got a chance to post in the morning. As for Paramus, I’m like you, it was my shopping mecca for years when I lived in Ellenville, NY, Ulster County
    Thanks too for the story analysis. I wasn’t thinking, just creating it,

  3. lynnjake

    I love this shot Bonnie. It is so industrial and so balanced. It’s just great.

  4. Thanks Lynn,
    It was so much fun to shot. Just a surprise

  5. Malls are strange experiences, aren’t they? Like microcosms of our world, for good or bad.

  6. snowflakes6

    A wonderful shot.
    I used to be a “mall rat” in my teenage years spending my hard earned babysitting money.
    I still enjoy going to the mall but the novelty has wore off and unfortunatly things seem to be closing and nothing new and exciting like computer classes happen at our malls.

  7. I also used to a “mall rat” but as I age I realize that I would rather spend time reading or running than be at a mall.

  8. Lisa

    Is that mall 5 stories? Ah, New York!

    I am glad you posted this picture. It really is a slice of your life. I felt the same way about Wal*Mart when it first came to town. I was determined not to be sucked in, to continue to support local shops, and to avoid corporate America’s infringement on our small, Canadian town. Now I am there at least 4 times a month. Sometimes twice in one day. Somethings you just can’t fight.

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