Community of of Thinkers: Slice 27 and Photo 82

Community of ThinkersSlice #27 and Photo 82 or so.

I’m a member of this group. I am sitting right next to Tom, on the left side of this photo.  Of course you can’t see me but as I look at this photo as I write,  I feel my living, breathing membership and I’m proud to be in their ranks.

We are spending the morning sharing together, as thinking partners, crafting our site’s work in the area of professional development with teachers in our service area.  It’s a large area to service and even though we have a large group of teacher consultants, we don’t have the luxury of time. Well, I do, but everyone else is still working full time and managing, demanding families, but somehow with all of life swirling around outside the door, we remain planted here for 5 1/2 hours working together, refusing to leave until we had something on the walls,  plans for the future for the summer, for  our existing programs with schools, for future PD at our site

We had with us college representation from Tom, Mary  and newbie Tim, who will be taking on more responsibility as Mary goes on sabbatical. Eric, now teaching kindergarten, who continues to work as our inservice coordinator, Jackie who at the college maintains the project as employee/co-director, Trace, a full time teacher/doctoral candidate and new to the leadership table and me, behind the camera, wondering 24/7 about tech at HVWP. Well not really 24/7, maybe 20/6.

It was an easy group to be with for all those hours, in fact, Mary and I walked to her office and continued working/talking for another hour about our Summer Institute group that needs to be selected from a list of applicants recently interviewed and we didn’t get to everything. We barely grazed the surface, but that’s how it always is. We meet, we plan and we schedule more meeting time and of course we work together in the implementation  We just can’t get enough of this.

Tom and I scheduled a phone meeting for Sunday night to collaborate on a critical revision phase coming up at Dover and 6th grade digital story drafting.

I am off today for the New England Conference. Kevin and I will kick off a new NWP project with a tech team as we unveil something new, the Ianthology. That’s a subject for other slices down the road.  The thrills never end.

3 cheers for the National Writing Project.

At SUNY, we begin our ninth Summer Institute together and I continue to pinch myself.  I am a member of this community? How did I get so lucky?


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5 thoughts on “Community of of Thinkers: Slice 27 and Photo 82

  1. Lisa

    Sounds great!

    I was really drawn to the framed designs on the back wall though. 🙂

  2. Bonnie, your day sounded so productive and peaceful.

  3. tom

    hey bk,

    thanks. nice pic. i am looking forward to seeing the pics of the “white board” so that we can capture images of our collective thinking. hope that newp is going well.


  4. Please stop by my blog and pick up your Splash Award.

  5. Elizabeth

    As I’ve gone around the Slicers, it’s interesting how many are talking about community today. Maybe it’s because our community of Slicers is coming to an end and somehow that haunts us in the back of our minds.

    As an adjunct, with little or no community, I must say I’m quite jealous of this fellowship that you share with the people in the photo. Although it’s a lot of work, it seems satisfying. A good combination, yes?


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